Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Goals

You know how people say that when you have a cold your voice sounds all deep and sexy? Well, that's just rubbish! I sound like Peter Brady when the Brady Bunch sang that song: "It's Time to Change". Demi Moore voice my ass!

Anyway, it's officially winter in my book, even if solstice is 20 days away. And it's officially holiday season in everyone's book.....Happy Hanukkah everyone! I don't celebrate Hanukkah, myself, but I do enjoy lighting candles. So I'm gonna light candles every day this week...hell, every day in December! (Is it totally bad to say 'hell' when talking about a holiday?)

So in addition to lighting candles, losing my voice, and blowing my nose about every 5 minutes, December is about setting some wintry goals:

December Goals:

1) Wrap all holiday presents in recycled materials.
2) Training schedule all set up for 2011
3) Finish 5 books this month
4) Holiday Booty Buster (courtesy of this gal): Aiming for 30 workouts in 30 days. Of course, since I did not work out today, thanks to my cold, that means I'm gonna have to double it up sometime this month. That's ok. I like days like that!
5) Get stuff turned in for my advanced position (do you believe I gotta re-apply every year?)
6) Get apartment spectacularly decorated in Xmas cheer!
7) Organize a memorial for a friend (sad story)
8) Get rid of 30 more things.
9) Have a great birthday
10) And a great Xmas

And since December is the season of joy:

Today's Joyful Thing:
Wheelchair clinic at work. I just love my job when that's what I'm doing.

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