Monday, December 27, 2010

question of the week

Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I had fun with the family and the kids, and Santa was good to everyone. And today, I braved the blizzard in my jeepy-jeep to get into work and make the world a better place. (or, at least to treat a few brave souls who also braved the elements and to start chipping away at the piles on my desk)

Anyway, as I was driving home, I was thinking about how I moved back to a place where I am almost blown off the bridge while driving home in 15 degree weather and snow squalls. How I moved back here deliberately. And how I may have been a bit crazy to do so.

What's really interesting is that my musings closely resemble this week's question from
50 Questions to Free Your Mind:

To What Degree Have You Actually Controlled the Course Your Life Has Taken?

The simple answer is: more than most, but not as much as I would like to.

The more complex answer has been occupying my mind quite a bit lately, and not just when driving during a blizzard.

In general, I've done a pretty good job of living my life with intention. I didn't hang around, working the same job for years on end whether I liked it or not, and just SEE what would happen. I didn't sit on the sofa night after night, watching other people's stories march across the screen in front of me. I didn't TALK alot about all those giant life goals that everyone has-- run a marathon, go to Europe, climb a mountain, write a novel-- but do nothing about them except dream. I've traveled. I've lived and worked in 10 states. I've run marathons and triathlons, I've climbed mountains, I've traveled to Europe (I haven't written a novel, but hey, there's still time, eh?) I've set goals. I've prioritized them. I've tried to use my time productively.

But lately, it seems that I've been doing things halfway. I've been setting the goals, but not really working towards them. I've been starting projects, but letting them sit around, half finished. I've been firting ideas, but not really committing to them. And I'm not really happy with who I've become lately.

So, as the year comes to a close, and my horrible incapacitizing cold is coming to and end, I'm becoming a little more motivated. And, motivated by this gal, and this guy, and this chippy, and this chap, and this new firecracker I read about in a magazine, I'm taking back a little more control over the course my life shall take next year.

Today's Joy:
Running 3 miles without feeling like I was goind to throw up

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Lindsay and James Cotter said...

new year, new goals, new motivation. Right? Heres to you and that lovely 3 mile run!