Sunday, November 13, 2011

More for Less

This weekend, the theme seemed to be more than you bargained for. In a good way! And I took advantage of it all.

On Friday, Veterans Day, I signed up for a few races in 2012. Which means I can't be lazy and back out. It also means that the race promoters will be making donations to the Paralyzed Veterans Association. With my involvement in adaptive sport and rehab, its a cause that I believe in and I'm glad that race promoters are doing their part to help out.

I also got a head start on some on-line Christmas shopping for the same reason. I received a few emails from sites that were donating to veterans funds with purchases made on Veteran's Day.

Of course, if I were a little more on the ball, I would have posted links to the sites and spread the word to all those other runner type people out there. But I'm a little scattered and flighty. Always. But now more than usual. I'm still blaming the daylight savings debacle we go through every year. Twice.

On to Saturday, when all I had to accomplish was a 15 mile run. (Everything else was put on maybe status pending how I felt after the run) I did finish the run, but it was arduous. Because of the non-stop wind along the canal. At one point, I had to stop and walk in a near horizontal orientation in order to make any headway. (after turning around, the way back was much easier. like flying) In any case, I feel like I got a lot more bang for the buck by running against the wind for, well, 7.5 miles. More than I bargained for.

I felt so good after the run, I stopped at the Christmas Tree Shop to get some household items because I had a friends and family coupon. I got 3 bags of stuff for $15. Practically free! Score!

And then, today. I went to something called an Alternative Gift Fair. (which is such a fantastic idea, I think it deserves it very own post, unencumbered by talk of 15 mile runs) In a nutshell, you the fair is comprised of booths where charitable organizations have displays about what they do. Then, you can make donations to whichever charities you wish and you get a card to give to somebody for a gift. (kind of like "The People Foundation" from Seinfeld, but legit)

And lastly, I got the very last Just Dance 3 in the store today. (Because 10 year olds really wouldn't appreciate your buying a flock of chickens for a village in the Sudan instead of a video game)

Things just kind of rolled my way this weekend.

November 10th Thankful:
good food, good drink, good times, good friends

November 11th Thankful:
the hard work and sacrifice from our veterans and all the other people out there who give selflessly and expect nothing in return

November 12th Thankful:
that I live close to the ocean and get to see it every day. Even when the wind picks up exponentially when in close proximity to the water.

November 13th Thankful:
that I am lucky enough to be able to share with those less fortunate.


Carolina John said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! Registered for 2 races and ran 15 miles? and got in some gifts? All good.

The Sick Earth said...

3 for $15 is really cheap, congrats