Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Bad Dates...Computer Dating

Before I relay the next bad date story, I have to give a little background information. Background information of a different sort:

Tuesday's Good Date!

(unfortunately, not mine)

A while back, my co-worker, Pat, set up a profile on one of those on-line dating sites. She had been toying with the idea for a while, but was always a little nervous. But one more bad encounter with her ex was all she needed to upload a few photos, write up a little profile, and hit "post." She figured, what did she have to lose? She'd just take a chance and see what happened.

You know those advertisements for weight loss pill that say at the bottom in little tiny print "results not typical"? Pat's on-line dating results are not typical.

She decided she wasn't going to contact anyone else's profile, but instead just see who would respond to her. Day one she got a bunch of responses, weeded through them, and kept 2 or 3. Same day two, day three, day four. At the end of the week, she responded to the bunch of keepers and waited for their response.

One person responded back. They emailed a couple times, talked on the phone a couple times, and then decided to meet for dinner.

A year later they're engaged.

One person. ONE PERSON! How lucky is Pat? I mean, I'm happy for her. Pat's awesome and she deserves to have a super cool, nice guy who can actually keep up with her. (She's an Ironwoman. Went to Kona and everything) But how often does that happen? Not much. Results not typical.

Pat's story is what inspired my other co-worker Sharon and I to mock up a couple profiles of our own.

Let's just say, the results were -- typical.

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Carolina John said...

Nice. I can't wait to see the typical results.