Tuesday, November 1, 2011

november goals

Happy November Everyone!

I have officially been in my new place for one month today. And I didn't fully realize what bad energy was floating around my old place until I was out. It's much better here. I can sleep. Even when things were better at my old place I couldn't sleep. Now...well...things are always better when you can sleep!

Anyhow, now that I'm a little more settled and a lot more rested, it's time to jump back into my nice little bloggie routine that I have been neglecting for the past 8 months!

Which, in JeepGirl land means

Goals for November:

(where would I be without my goal lists?)

1) Stick to my marathon training plan.
Despite my more relaxed place and better sleeping habits, my running has still been a bit sporadic. Not good when a marathon is looming. It's ok though. I can ramp it up.

2) Start weight training again.
Now that I've eased back into cardio, time to pile the weights back on. So I can take off the weight I piled on.

3) Journal Daily
Fell out of that habit for a while. And felt a little lost. Journaling, I have found, like exercise, keeps me grounded.

4) Eat Clean.
Or cleaner, anyway. Just as soon as I finish this handful of candy corn. Totally. I swear. I'm starting now.

5) Read and get rid of 5 books this month
I got too many books. I really do.

6) Turn in my recert info for adaptive technology professional.

7) And my kinesiotape certification stuff.
(and maybe cut the crap with all this certification stuff. seriously)

8) Book my plane tickets for marathon in January and my big trip in March
I'll share more about that later. It's going to be SOOO cool!

9) Get rid of 5 DVD from my basket of DVDs.
How the heck did so many accumulate?

10) Drink a 8 - 10 glasses of water daily.

In a weird way, I started feeling bad about myself when I was writing goals down on a little sticky yesterday. I mean, how many times do I have to try to accomplish the same goals over and over again? But then, I read something on Facebook from an acquaintance of mine. He lost 150# three years ago and now works for that Herbalife company as a spokesperson of sorts. Seems he had some hard things in his life this year and he put 60 pounds back on. And he was posting a very humble post about starting all over again from square one. I didn't feel like HE was a failure. I thought that he was very brave for starting all over again. So why didn't I feel like that about myself when I keep revisiting the same goals? I really should.

I keep attempting the same goals repeatedly. Maybe they are just very worthwhile goals, eh?

And, because November is Thanksgiving month:

my new apartment.

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lclarey said...

I'm grateful you are back. I find daily journaling easier now that I use 750words.com.