Thursday, November 24, 2011


Oh, Thanksgiving! The other 364 days of the year, I never consider Thanksgiving a "favorite holiday". But on Thanksgiving day itself, I love, looove, lurve it!

This year, we went to my younger brother's house, not my older brother's, as has been the tradition for the past 5 years. They have a much smaller house, so in order to accommodate the number of people present, they had to move the dining room table from the little dining alcove into the living room and move the sofa from the living room into the dining alcove. Sounds crazy, but it totally worked. Worked almost too well, as my sister in law, at the end of the day, said: "I kind of like the sofa here. You can sit and relax and talk to everyone in the kitchen while they work. I'm keeping it like this until at least Christmas!"

Here's the thing about having dinner for 22 when nobody wants to show up empty handed (and half the folks in attendance are Italian) way too much food! We had three salads, three types of cranberry sauce, three types of stuffing, three types of sweet potatoes, three different breads, a turkey and a ham. Don't even get me started on dessert! (I vowed that in the future, I would not bring food, but would be the designated container supplier so there would be something to bring leftovers home in!)

For the first time in a few years, I did NOT do a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. (which is kind of a bummer since it was warm for the first time in many years) My car broke down yesterday. I got a ride to work yesterday and will deal with the car tomorrow. Which kind of puts a damper on my chock-full of events weekend. But then again, maybe its a blessing in disguise. It forced me to slow down a bit and just take care of business on the homefront. Relax a little more. Maybe watch a movie or two. So there's something to be thankful for.

Plus, I had all those neices and nephews to bring to the playground after dinner. Maybe I didn't get a turkey trot in, but I did get a little exercise in. And that's something else to be thankful for!


Mon 11/21: 4 mile run + abs = 5 points
Tue 11/22: 8 mile run = 8 points
Wed 11/23: 12 hour work day and a ride home from work = 0 points :(
Thur 11/24: playground with the kids: 3 points


Mon 11/21: I'm thankful for taking chances
Tue 11/22: I'm thankful for a good, hard, sweat
Wed 11/13: I'm thankful for unexpected twists that show you that you really aren't in charge
Thur 11/24: I'm thankful for my crazy, off the wall, loving and totally sane family. (seriously. I know so many people who are involved in feuds and drama and this one isn't talking to that one or one ripped off the other or somebody will never forgive somebody else in the family. Got none of that in my family. We just all get together and eat. )

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

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