Friday, November 4, 2011

Chaos Theories

Ok, so once again, I must ask: WHAT IS UP WITH THE UNIVERSE?

2011 seems to be the year of chaos. Any physicists out there, feel free to email me and explain the finer intricacies of chaos theory and how it came to cumulate in 2011. (Or maybe I'm just some kind of vortex pulling in bad energy this year?)

Finally, I've moved onto a place where there is no more bad energy at home. Now work is in absolute chaos.

Weird stuff. Yesterday, two people walked out...just walked out in the middle of the work tears. I have no idea why. There was lots of speculation and theories flying around the staff room yesterday evening, but no rock solid evidence.The afternoon was spent running around like lunatics trying to accommodate their patients and workload. (We got it done, though. We are awesome)

Until now, work has been, sadly, the one consistent thing in my life. Sure, there were little annoyances, as there always are in any work situation, but for the most part, it was -- well-- work. Go, do my job, come home. Now, it's drama. What's up with that?

Is it me? Am I exuding some kind of chaos pheromone that causes those in close proximity to me to have meltdowns? Is there a soap for that?

Will 2012 change all that? Or is the Aztec prediction going to come true and the world will end in 2012? Maybe I'm merely a seisometer to the upcoming disaster.

I got plans, though, and the end of the world will really mess them up.

Yesterday, I was thankful for:
starting a new book
And today I am grateful for:
long runs.

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