Wednesday, January 2, 2013

  1. Less is More: Whether we’re talking about hair(cut off 16 inches), material possessions(regular donations to the thrift store), or work hours(I finally put my foot down), I’ve found that paring down is where it’s at!
  2. Except for Exercise:  With exercise, more is more. Especially if you enroll in a long distance Spartan or Tough Mudder race. More exercise (also known as training) is preferable PRIOR to the actual race day.
  3. Green Smoothies are Awesome:  All those crazy nut-bag people who  tout the benefits of green smoothies like cult members? Well, it turns out they are NOT crazy, they are actually quite smart. Once you get past the color, green smoothies are just about the most delicious thing you can pour in your mouth. Plus, nothing starts the day like a glass of liquified spinach and kale!
  4. Vietnam is Gorgeous: Last spring, I was lucky enough to go on a trip with a group of friends to Vietnam and Cambodia. This was not a trip I would have thought to plan myself. And shame on me for that! Vietnam is a fantastic place to visit. The landscape is beautiful, the people are nice, the ocean is just about the same color as the Caribbean. Plus, there’s that smell of napalm in the morning. 
  5. Balloons are very rarely worth the effort: You always think balloons are going to make everything happier and more festive. But they won’t. Seriously. Balloons will inevitably cause problems. They just aren’t worth it.
  6. Trace Adkins is a great guy: Until August 2012, I had no idea who Trace Adkins even was. That’s when he picked Cape Able Adventures as a non-profit organization to feature in his show Great American Heroes. (Cape Able is the adaptive sports program I have been volunteering with for the past 3 years) For 2 days in August, we were involved in filming and then we got free tickets to his concert and a great gift of new kayaks for the program. Nice, right? I think so.
  7. Some People should not be allowed to have Facebook accounts: You probably know a few yourself.
  8. Overnight Relay Races Rock:Your should totally do one. 
  9. There is a Such Thing as an Unhealthy Disney Obsession: When I did the Disney marathon in January I met several people with such an obsession. And while I was very impressed with Disney’s capacity to organize a marathon (MORE port-a-potties and water stops than needed and a chocolate stop...SCORE!) I don’t plan on spending every vacation day I have for the next 20 years in the Magic Kingdom, collecting character pins, or decorating my entire house in a Disney motif. Just sayin’.
  10. Everything Will Work Out in the End: While it’s true that sometimes life throws you a suck-fest (mine was called 2011) eventually suckiness will turn into happiness if you just wait long enough. Of course, I may have stolen that from “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” move. You decide. 


Carolina John said...

cool, travel to Vietnam? wow that does sound neat. and maybe you'll get the disney addiction under control when my daughters do the same. Here's to a great 2013!

Anonymous said...

I dunno... there are a lot of people who like those smoothies who are, in fact, nut-bag crazy. Or maybe it's just because, when they smile, they have bits of spinach and kale stuck in their teeth.

Almost made it to Vietnam myself. Oh, well, maybe next time...