Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good Luck Thursday

Today, after days of overcast skies, the sun came out. Driving to work today, I saw the faintest rainbow over the canal. Walking across the parking lot, I passed a floating feather a la Forrest Gump. In shared a treatment room with two lady bugs for a while this afternoon. Drank a couple margaritas with some friends after work. And on the way home, saw a shooting star.

I think I'm in for some good luck!


Carolina John said...

Doesn't it make you want to RUN! Supposed to be sunny and in the 70's here this weekend. I can't wait to get some decent miles in.

Anonymous said...

Great, now I've got Journey AND Forrest Gump in my head....

I feel you on the gray skies. I do NOT miss the June Gloom of Southern California!