Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap:

One week into 2013 and I feel like I'm creeping right along. Not POWERING ahead, but slow steady progress. Especially since I spent the majority of the previous week on the sofa!

1) Blog Daily: 6 of 7 days. I'll call it a success
2) Get back on an exercise program: Looking good. Missed a couple days because of some unforeseen emergencies. But overall I'm sticking to the self-designed plan which, I must say, is pretty good.
3) Hike in Freetown State Forest: Not yet, but it's on my calendar
4) Eat a gigantic salad every day: Check. I love em. But...does anyone else get bloated from salad? Or is it just me.
5) Solidify a gir's weekend in Connecticut. Solidified. In New York.
6) Try (and post) a new recipe every week. Oh crap. Two next week?
7) Finish Patient Education Binder: Just getting started.
8) Get a smart phone: Yeah. About that. Verizon seems to think that I should only be able to get a smart phone when it's convenient for THEM, not convenient for ME. I'm totally not down with that. Seems this little "get a new phone" business is going to be a bit more of a project than I had anticipated. Stupid cell phone companies!
9) Take more pictures: I suppose that would be easier if I actually plugged in my camera and charged the battery.....ok, I'm back. I just plugged it in. Totally missed some great picture ops this weekend, too. Basketball games played by 5 year olds are hilarious! Anyway....I think this weekly check in business is a good thing. 'Cause it made me plug in my camera.
10) Hang with my buddy, Wheels. Still trying to nail that down.

And in other news....signed up for the "Best Foot Challenge" here and I gotta say, just 5 minutes in the morning makes a big difference. It seems like that would not be nearly enough time to get anything done. But just 5 minutes of journaling first thing in the morning turned into 5 minutes of journaling and 4 minutes of meditation (or in reverse order. Whichever) and in the time it would have taken to hit the snooze button, a nice start to the day.

And yeah, I did actually hit the snooze button one day, but hey-- baby steps, man, baby steps.

Who knew 13 was such good luck?

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Carolina John said...

I'm sore enough for both of us today. Get those workouts in! You seem very focused today. i like it a lot.