Friday, January 11, 2013

Change of Season

Today I finally put away the Christmas decorations. I extended it for a while this year, just happy to have the tree and stockings to look at. But today, it was time. The wreath on the door was starting to look brown. The kissing ball had long ago been blown down by massive winds and was sitting in pieces on the bench by the door. (The stockings and tree still looked fabulous)

Afterward, I was expecting to feel a little down, but I actually feel quite content. Things seem calmer. Everything is back in its usual space and it feels much roomier in my living space. I feel a sense of closure.

Officially closed out Christmas season and opened up ski season.

Adaptive skiing starts tomorrow. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

What is a "kissing ball"? East Coast tradition, I assume?

hebba said...

A kissing ball is kind of like a wreath, but in ball form. They're really cute and pretty. Kind of like giant mistletoe.