Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Goals


January 1st is such a clean slate, isn't it? A blank canvas that can be used for anything! I love that feeling.

But first, a look back at December:

1) Journal and Meditate Daily: Check. Except for the 5 sick days when I was collapsed on the sofa like a zombie in front of the TV. Self reflection was not high on my list those days.
2) Green Smoothie, Green Juice, and Green Tea Daily: see the above answer
3) Exercise 31 times in 31 Days: Third time's a charm. 5 sick days.
4) Make a Vegan Recipe for Work Potluck: I gotta post this one in January. I tweaked a recipe from here and it was AWESOME! I had, like 5 people ask me for the recipe. Which I kind of took credit for, even though it came from here. But then I fessed up that I'm not really all that creative in the kitchen. I'm awesome at tweaking, though.
5) Replace my Lunch Plate for Work: Done. Now I'm "the plate girl" again.
6) Go See the Xmas Lights in New York and Boston: 1/2 credit. I went to NYC with friends, but cancelled the Boston trip 'cause of that GI business. I think they are dismantling the decorations as we speak today.
7) Pare Down 5 Books from the Shelf: And then some. I reached that point where I looked at some of the books I've been hanging onto and said "I ain't never reading those." Not even if I kept them for another 15 years. So I got rid of them. I got rid of 10 books.
8) Decorate my little apartment: My apartment looked so super duper cute it should have been in a Meg Ryan movie from the 90's. (not quite Elf, but hey, I'll watch You've Got Mail every single time it's on)
9) 3 group runs: two runs. A Winter Lights run and a pub run. Both dressed like an elf.
10) Take lots of pictures: total fail on this one. sigh.

January Goals:

1) Blog daily. haven't done that in a while
2) Get back on exercise program
3) Hike in Freetown State Forest: Close by and notorious as "the most haunted hiking trail in America". I have GOT to go tempt fate!
4) Eat a gigantic salad every day. been craving salads. In January. Go figure.
5) Solidify a girl's weekend in Connecticut
6) Try (and post) a new recipe every week
7) Finish patient education binder for work
8) Get with the program and finally get a smart phone
9) Take pictures!!
10) Hang with my buddy Wheels!

2013, here I come! 


lclarey said...

Happy New Year. Looking forward to your January posts.

Carolina John said...

I like the "blog every day" concept. Go for it. and more pictures would be a good thing.

I'm with you on the vegan front. it's pretty cool so far.

Anonymous said...

Figures. I decide to start commenting on everyone's blogs with 2013, and you make a resolution to blog every day. :P

Kidding! Happy (Belated) New Year JeepGirl! Sorry I missed you on my travels but, hey, there's more travel in the future for all of us, right? :)