Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Word

One of the things I have been bombarded with over the past two weeks is the idea of picking "one word" for the year. I don't know where this idea came from. I don't know who can claim credit for it. I don't know how everyone else in the universe appears to have heard about this WAY before I did.

And closely related -- I don't know when scrapbooking came back into vogue, but scrapbooking about  the one word is quite popular, as well. But, I digest.

I have had many many years where I did this very thing, but in reverse. At the end of the year, upon reflection, a word pops into my head that more or less sums up what the past 365 days have embodied. I have had "adventure" years and "learning" years; "love" years and "heartbreak" years; "growing" years, "healing" years and one memorable year that I remember as "crazy, frantic, catch-up" year. (that was the year I turned 30 and thought I had better get lots accomplished or live until age 112)

I have never, however, thought about picking the word for the year at the beginning. I think there is a certain logic to it, though. Rather than letting everything play out the way it will and then reflecting on it, maybe deciding how you want things to play out will actually influence the way they do.

Much like resolutions and goals, the "one word" is a touchstone, a signpost. Something to keep you on track and help you to steer back toward an intended destination if you do get off track. Something to reflect upon before the 365 days are up.

And on that note, I have chosen my one word for the year:


And not just because Journey is responsible for this little ditty:

My intention is to make 2013 both a figurative and literal journey.

I'll keep you updated.


Carolina John said...

I like it! Journey is a great one word mantra. you're going to have a big year!

any travels down south this year?

Anonymous said...

Really? You're gonna put that song into my head for the rest of the night? Really? ;)

Okay, picking that word is awesome. Actually, kinda too awesome. I have so much to do this year that I'll never be able to pick a word that quite lives up to that one!