Sunday, February 27, 2011

More things that make me happy

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can bust out of this winter blah mode I've been in. I think seasonal affective disorder is no match for happy thoughts.... 20 of them

20 things that make me happy:

101) the Oscars. (in general I'm not a fan of award shows. But I do like the oscars)
I'm looking forward to this years because I like:

102) James Franco (I like Anne Hathaway too, but not enough to include her on the list)

103) My new tankini ( I got it super cheap at the Title 9 warehouse sale)

104) the Title 9 catalog (if I won the lottery I'd buy everything in it) as well as the:

105) Athleta catalog and:

106) REI. Basically, I'd spend my entire fortune on outdoor & athletic equipment and cute sporty clothes. Not really. I'd:

107) Travel, too. Travelling makes me very happy.

108) Dreaming about winning the lottery (and all the travelling I'd do afterward makes me happy, too. I mean, not in a dysfunctional, I don't want to take responsibility for my life kind of way, just in a daydreamy kind of way.)

109) Exercise classes. Generally, I'm a solo kind of exercise girl, but lately with my poor motivation I've been hitting some classes. The gym likes you to reserve a spot ahead of time, which I do, and that makes me go. Which is a good thing.

110) Hooded sweatshirts. (Is there any more perfect article of clothing? Its better than a LBD)

111) Ice skating I've been a couple times this year with my neice and nephew. I'd forgotten how much I like it

112) Soup Been eating alot of soup lately b/c of my cold. It's good.

113) Packing for a trip (it involves two of my other favorite things: lists and travel!)

114) Sun dresses They are cute. And I look good in them!

115) Mark Wahlberg I wasn't a fan back when he was Markie Mark. But I like him now. Especially when he has no shirt on!)

116) Collages

117) Ridiculous midnight drunken texts

118) When my friend calls and says she's in love. That makes me so happy.

119) When (other) friends take a risk.

120) And I have the chance to support them in that risk.

I feel happier already. How bout you?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charity and whining

Even though I began last week with lots of enthusiasm to post and exercise and work like crazy, things fizzled. I was fighting a cold all week and I decided to just go with it and rest. I didn't want a repeat of last December with the month long cold that turned into bronchitis and laryngitis.

Anyway, a week has passed and I think I've gotten this cold beat. So that's good.

But the exercise and daily posts? Not so good.

And here I find myself once again on Saturday thinking, I gotta post my charity of the week.

I also had great plans to do this cool charity race thing today called FIGHT FOR AIR CLIMB. It is a stair climb in a public building to benefit the American Lung Association. My sister in law and I were both going to do this event together.

But then she got the flu and I got a cold (I think I may have actually caught the cold from her kids. I talked to my brother this week and said "Your children are a menace. Sure, they look cute. But its all just a ploy to lure you in closer so they can infect you with their germs." He responded: "Tell me about it. They always get me with 'Daddy, can you tuck me in to bed?' ")

So anyway, we were both recouperating from our perspective illnesses and decided to forego these events. And even though I did feel better this morning and I probably could have gone and done the challenge as a last minute thing, I think the FIGHT FOR AIR may have been a bit too literal.

Instead, I'm just going to make a donation to the American Lung Association.

This is probably a good indication of how I'm feeling now:, lung cancer, research, asthma, blah blah blah. Go check it out on your own. I'm getting a cup of tea.

It'll put me in a better mood. I promise

Monday, February 21, 2011

Two worthy causes

There is something about February. It should be called "Febru-weary". It's the shortest month that feels like the longest month. It's the winter doldrums.

Its the month I let blogging slide. (along with eating right and exercise, I'm sad to admit) Plus, I'm fighting a cold right now.

Fortunately, my present job gives us Presiden't Day off. It's the only job I've ever had where we get this day off. I did a lot of sleeping today, sleeping, drinking tea, taking cold medicine and catching up on things.

Including blogging!

So one of the big ideas for this year in blogging was the weekly charity donation thing. But I seem to have dropped the ball.

So in honor of this Presiden't "catch up day", I'm honoring two charities today. Two related charities.

A few years ago, I worked at a big medical center in Boston. A number of our patients were homeless. During a particularly cold winter like this one, homeless shelters are often booked over capacity with little funding.

When I lived in San Francisco and walked to work every day, I'd pass the same homeless people every day in the same spots. They'd say hi and I'd say hi and if I had a granola bar, I'd give it to them and if the light was against me, we'd talk before I crossed the street. It's much harder to think of homeless people as "less than people" when you see and talk to them every day.

So this week, I'm honoring two local homeless shelters for all the work they do.

The Pine Street Inn provides food, shelter, counseling, job training, and emergency assistance to homeless men and women.

Rosie's Place focuses on poor, homeless, and abused women. It provides food and shelter, advocacy, counseling, mental health and substance abuse treatment, housing assistance, job placement, and health care. They also have a nifty program where the women make and sell crafts that are worth checking out.

I encourage everyone to check out the above websites and also to learn about local shelters that you can support with a donation or by volunteering.

Have a great week!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

So I've been absent the past week or so, simply because I've had "A case of the February's" You know like in the movie Office Space: "A case of the Monday's" Only this can last up to 28 days.
In short, I've been unmotivated, grumpy, freezing cold, with a desire to eat any and every morsel of comfort food in the vicinity.

And to make things even worse, up creeps Valentine's Day, the most annoying pseudo-holiday there is. (And no, it's not because I'm single. I hate Valentine's Day even more when I'm dating somebody)

So, today, since it was Valentine's Day, I decided that I'd acknowledge the day by doing extra cardio (get it? exercise for the heart? I'm so witty!) And guess what?

I think I cured my ailment!

Exercise rocks!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

20 things that make me happy

On this lovely Sunday, I'm happy. Here's 20 more reasons why:

81) The Superbowl
82) the half time show
83) the Superbowl commercials (so far, the Star Wars and the border guard Coke ones are my favorites)
84) Superbowl parties. (I'm not at one this year, but I still like em)
85) Jack La lane. (Though I always questioned his fashion sense in those jumpsuits, I never questioned his fitness advice. I thought he'd live forever)
86) brick workouts (I know I'm a dork. But they make me happy. During and after)
87) The show Glee (I watched a Glee marathon yesterday and loved it)
88) Shutting my phone off so nobody can text me
89) Turning down plans and not feeling bad about it (do I sound like a hermit?)
90) Girl Scout cookies
91) when my skinny jeans are loose :)
92) even though I've been eating Nutella all weekend
93) brussels sprouts
94) wrapping gifts (in recycled materials)
95) the heart shaped stone I have in my jacket pocket to rub when I'm bored or worried
96) scented candles
97) Apolo Ohno (he's my celebrity boyfriend. he's in a new Oreo commercial. it makes me happy)
98) Vega Whole Food Optimizer Shakes (they are delicious!)
99) the new pool I joined this weekend (so much nicer than the old pool I was going to at the high school)
100) my new bathing suit for lap swimming. (my other one literally disintegrated)

American Heart Association

Since this week was the first week of February, I decided to go with a heart theme by choosing the American Heart Association as this week's charity. Like diabetes (and intrinsically related to diabetes), which we talked about last month, cardiovascular disease is one of the greatest health care risks in America. The American Heart Association aims to reduce cardiovascular disease through education, lifestyle changes, rehabilitation, and funding for research.

The have a fantastic interactive website, featuring risk calculators for heart attack, stroke, and other conditions, information and online communities for lifestyle changes such as starting a walking program, tools for finding CPR classes in your area, and lots of links for caregivers, health professionals, and family members. There's also a shop if you want to get one of those nifty little red dress pins that you see everywhere in February.

Since I just dropped $100 this week for a new pair of running shoes this week for my own cardiovascular health, I think its only fair that I can drop another $25 to promote cardiovascular health elsewhere. Check out their website and then go for a walk (or jog, or bike ride or do an exercise DVD while your kids are napping) Your heart will thank you.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's Bad Dates -- Paul, part 2

(continued from last week)

So there I was at a group dinner date. You'd have thought that Paul would have introduced me around. Or sat next to me. But somehow we ended up across the table from one another and, like, three people down. And I was left to make conversation with people in closer proximity to me all on my lonesome.

I first started talking to some guy whose name I forget. I'll just call him economist. 'Cause he had a PhD in economics. Which he told me right off the bat.

"Wow!" I said. "That's really interesting. So, Mr. Economist, what do you think of the state of our nation's economy presently?"

To which he responded: "Oh, I'm not THAT kind of economist."

(What other kind of economist is there?)

"What other kind of economist is there?" I asked.

I forget his exact response, but it did have the terms 'large scale corporations', 'global', and 'projections'.

"Oh. So, what do you DO, exactly?"

"I teach economics classes, (of course) and I write articles (of course) and I'm a corporate consultant (ah, yes. a consultant.)"

I got real excited and animated at this point: "Oh, that's really cool. I had a friend who worked as a corporate consultant. She did things like look at the procedures in companies and interview workers and review their finances. Then she saw what was working and what wasn't and made suggestions to make things work better. She recommended an inventory tracking software program for all the Disney Stores in the country and trained all the managers in how to use it. Of course, they are, like, bankrupt now- maybe it was her consultant fees! Ha Ha!"

"Yeah, I don't do that."

"Oh. So what DO you do, exactly?"

"I tell companies what I think is going to happen globally over the next 18 months and how they should prepare for it."

"Oh. So how do you make the projections for what's going to happen over the next 18 months?"

"Well, we consult journal articles."

"The journal articles that YOU write?"


" if you are wrong in your projections, do you give them their money back?"

"I can't be held responsible if the projections are wrong. Global economics is very complex"

(Can I just say here -- why the hell hadn't Paul, MY DATE, rescued me from this tool?) If he had, then I probably wouldn't have said:

"So you are kind of like that octopus that picked the world cup winners?"

Well, I thought it was funny. But I was forced to strike up a conversation with somebody else after that comment. And, no, that somebody else still wasn't my date for the night...