Monday, July 30, 2012



1) My Mizunos!
Got back into running again after being just barely on speaking terms. I feel like getting all old school and singing like Run DMC!

2) Body Rock
I've been lazy about planning workouts. Luckily, I found a site that does it for me!

3) Hair gel
I have never, never, never been a product girl. Then I chopped all my hair off and I need it. Schwierd!

4) The weather channel
No rain, put the top down. Rain, put the top up. No rain, put the top down. Rain, put the top up. Such is the life of a jeep girl!

5) The Olympics!
I love, looove, LOVE the Olympics! So inspiring. So amazing. So awesome!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

unexpected weekend

This past weekend, I went to a workshop at Kripalu Yoga Center in Stockbridge, MA. I had been to Kripalu once before, in the winter of 2010. Much different in the summer! I had planned on lots of running, swimming in the lake, and yoga-ing my little head off when not in the workshop. As it turned out, I got a good run in on Friday after arrival, but then the weekend saw thunder, lightening, and lots of rain. No swimming for me, and no running, either.

The workshop was put on by Gabby Bernstein, whose work I was familiar with from her books, Spirit Junky and Add More -ing to Your Life . Her work is similar to that of Wayne Dyer or Marianne Williamson, but a little younger, hipper, groovier; a little more casual. I've come to think of it a "spirituality light." So I figured it would be a totally chill, nice and relaxing weekend. I'd go, listen to some lectures, do some yoga, maybe meditate a little, and come home rested and relaxed.

As it turnes out, the groovy, hip, fashionista persona is a disguise. Nothing "light" about this chick! (except for her weight. She is tiny!)  I had a great weekend, but came home so completely emotionally drained that I can barely move!

In a good way.

More posts on that later. Until then, have a good week, all!

Monday, July 23, 2012

The wisdom of a 2 year old

This weekend, my 2 year old nephew taught me a lot about how I wish to be.

I was visiting with my brother and sister in law at their vacation cottage where they had spent the week. It was their last day and my brother was outside packing the car. My nephew was looking out the window at his dad. "Dada" he said, "Help Dada."

"You want to help Daddy?" I said.

"Ya" he said, "Help Dada."

I got a canvas tote and told him to pick up all the toys he saw and put them in the bag so we could give it to Daddy to put in the car. He lit up and proceeded to run around the house, grabbing every toy he could find. "Football" he said, "Shovel. Cookie Monster."

When the bag was full, we took it outside to his Dad. "Dada" he said, "I helped!" He was just exploding with joy when my brother picked him up and gave him a big kiss saying "Thanks, buddy. You are a big help."

I brought him back inside and he proceeded to go back through the house, looking for more toys he may have missed. After he had spent a very long time in the bedroom being VERY quiet, I went to check on him. That's when I saw that he had found the picture his 7 year old sister had painstakingly drawn the night before of "Super Dog". He also found the crayons. He had scribbled all over the picture in that way that only 2 year olds with crayons can do. He looked up when I came in. "I help Kiki!" he said.

I scooped him up and brought him into the living room. I went over to his sister and explained to her that her baby brother had tried to do a very nice thing for her and help her with her picture. She went to investigate. I was steeling myself for screams to erupt at any second. Instead, she emerged from the bedroom, shrugged, and said "I'll just draw a new one."

Then she went over to her brother and have him a hug. "Kiki" he said, "I helped!" He gave his sister a big kiss.

Oftentimes in life, we second guess ourselves, telling ourselves that our actions are not good enough. We beat ourselves up for not living up to the ideals in our heads. We compare ourselves to others (always falling short). We replay events in our heads, going over and over the thing we could have done differently.

How often do we congratulate ourselves for simply trying? For having good intensions? Or pure motives? How often do we focus on the actions themselves instead of the less than perfect results?

This weekend, in the actions of a 2 year old, I saw none of that insecurity. I saw pure motives: "I help!" without the slightest hesitation or inkling of self doubt. He never once thought that maybe his Dad or his sister didn't want his help. He wanted to help, and he did. Not once did he question the outcome of his help. He didn't agonize that he wasn't working fast enough or packing the bag tightly enough. He didn't consider that he may have "ruined" his sister's picture. His entire focus was on how he could help.

Of course, everyone gladly accepted his help. Why wouldn't they? He's adorable! He made everybody feel good. And when they praised him for helping, he accepted that praise openly and willingly. He didn't shrug it off saying "Oh, it was nothing" or belittle his efforts "I'm not good at art, but I tried." Instead, he accepted the hugs and kisses, smiled, and reciprocated with hugs and kisses of his own. Everyone was happy.

How beautiful would life be if we all lived life that way? If we decided to help somebody and just did, without all our hang-ups or false modesty. If we didn't go round and round with the "should I or shouldn't I?" or "Maybe he doesn't want my help, I don't want to upset him." If we did things for the sheer joy with clear honest motives without second guesses.

How wonderful would the world be if we openly accepted thank you's and praise without making excuses or putting ourselves down? If we stood proudly and owned our actions and accomplishments? Would we all be a little happier? A little less stressed?  I think we just might.

This weekend, I picked up my 2 year old nephew and gave him a big hug and a kiss on his head. I was thanking him, because he helped me.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today's Inspiration

Dwell in Possibility --- Emily Dickenson

Friday, July 13, 2012

Things I've Learned

Ten Things I've Learned Recently:

1) There are about 25 different versions of that Gotye song. On a recent drive to New Jersey, I heard every last one of them. Repeatedly.

2) My hair is actually quite curly. I didn't really know that when it was down to my waist.

3) Plants need a lot more water than I ever thought. I'm slowly learning to be Garden Girl.

4) Many of the insects I called dragonflies are actually Damsel Flies.

5) Thirteen year old girls whine an awful lot. On my week off, I was going running with my neice and her friend who want to try out for field hockey in the fall. From their reaction, it was like I was electocuting their pets!

6) Ice cream on a summer day is one of life's greatest pleasures.

7) It's getting time to get a new computer. This thing runs ridiculously slow!

8) Savages is an extremely violent movie.

9) I have crazy dreams after watching violent movies.

10) I need to figure out the best way to deal with Jeep Hair with the new 'do!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Perfect Summer Day

Every so often, there is a perfect day. A day when maybe your plans do not go as you had thought, but you later look back and say "I didn't even know I wanted to do that, but now I know that's EXACTLY what I wanted to do!" Today was one of those days.

I was supposed to go kayaking with a friend of mine. But he hurt himself earlier in the week and was unable to manage kayaking. We were supposed to meet here, where I live, but we decided I would go to his town to save him the drive. We were supposed to have a really active day.

Instead, we drove to a lake near his house and spent the day floating on rafts, looking at pictures in the clouds, seeing if the dragonflies would land on our toes, and drifting off both figuratively and literally.

We were supposed to go to a cafe and eat gourmet food while listening to a folk band. Instead, we ate hotdogs at a picnic table with his next door neighbors. And as we finished the day with ice cream and cake, I gave the Red Sox cap I had brought up for my friend to his next door neighbor who had just turned 7.

And as I was driving home, I thought of how lucky I was to experience this wonderful, perfect summer day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who I Am

Once again, it's Wednesday, time for the weekly writing assignment courtesy of Mamakat

This week, I chose to write a poem from a template. It was pretty fun! I'd recommend trying it for yourself!

I Am

I am curious and restless

I wonder where the sun is setting now

I hear the waves crashing

I see the snow capped mountain

I want to travel the world

I am restless and curious

I pretend I'm in another land, another time

I feel joy as I walk the foreign streets

I touch the cold marble facade of a church

I worry that it will never happen

I cry at my own insignificance

I am restless and curious

I understand that anything is possible

I say "The world is mine to explore"

I dream of living a gypsie life

I try to enjoy the adventure in my own home

I hope to call the world my home someday

I am I am curious and restless

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Strawberries

One of the nicest things about summer is all the fresh produce that is available at farmer's markets and roadside stands. I just can't get enough. This year, I have some container gardens, though the critters seem to be stealing much of my treasures. So I'm still scouting the farm stands whenever I go out.

This week, I picked up some delicious strawberries.

Strawberries are good no matter what, but they are especially tasty when prepared to maximize their sweetness and juiciness:

1) 1 pint of strawberries
2) 1 tablespoon honey
3) 1 tablespoons lemon juice

Slice the strawberries in quarters and place in a bowl. Drizzle with the honey and lemon juice and refrigerate. That's it!

I love eating these out of the fridge, nice and cold and sweet on a hot summer day.
(notice my awesome bowl that I bought in P-town after the Ragnar Relay)

Ah, life is good.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Week of Nothing

This week, I am on vacation. Unlike most vacations, I am doing nothing with my time off this week. I am not traveling halfway around the world to explore an exotic land I've never been to. I am not signing up for a weeklong outdoor fitness camp. I am not driving down the coast and visiting every lighthouse or bird sanctuary or Hard Rock Cafe along the way. I am not joining a group of volunteers to rescue sea turtles. I am doing nothing.

This is extremely out of character for me. Generally, I am wound up, going on all cylinders full blast at all times. I never do nothing.

This week, however, I am doing nothing. I am taking advantage of the pool at my apartment complex that I never have time to swim in. I am taking advantage of the beach one mile from my apartment that rarely have time to go to. I am spending time in the garden outside my house that I only dump water on in passing as I leave or come home from work. I am sitting in my Ikea chair that I bought because I love it and I don't sit in it enough.

This week, I am doing nothing. I'll see how that goes.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pony- tales


10)  You accidentally roll your hair up in the car window

9)  You don't know you've done this until you open the car door and almost rip your head off your neck.

8)  The hardest and most time consuming part of any triathlon is detangling your hair after the finish.

7)  Every time you roll over in bed, you practically smother yourself in your sleep.

6)  When you do a shoulder stand in yoga class, you pin yourself to the mat with your ponytail.

5)  Your monthly budget for conditioner is equal to the gross national income of a small third world country.

4)  French braiding your hair is interchangable with the P90-X  "Arms and Shoulders" DVD.

3)  You are regularly confused with Alanis Morissette and "Cousin It".

2)  You are seriously considering becoming a super hero whose only wepon is her braid.

1)  You cannot answer your cell phone without it getting stuck in your hair. (You may think that simply letting go of the phone will untangle it, but you'd be wrong. It would just dangle there, hitting you in the face like a tiny techno-hammer)





Some kid is gonna get one hell of a wig!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Goals

July is here. Summer summer summery fun awaits!  It's true that June just snuck away way too fast for me, but I'm looking forward to some time at the beach, a week off, hanging with the neices and nephews, and of course, a whole new batch of goals.

But first, a June recap:

I'm declaring June a great big success! For the first time in months, I feel like myself again. I don't feel like a whiny, cranky, angry, lost soul So how did I do with my goals? Who cares! I feel like myself again and I'm happy. One big giant check for June!

Onto July! Goals for:

Spirit -- Journal daily

Mind -- Read 4 books from the bookshelf

Body -- 30 day ab challengs.
         -- Continue with green smoothies.
         -- Food journaling

Work --  Continuing ed class
          --  No more than 45 hours per week

Play --  Take neices and nephews to beach
       --  One fun race event

Adventure -- Yoga retreat
                -- One camping trip

Here's to enjoying July and moving forward from "not being miserable" to "being happy"