Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm feeling so behind! In so many ways. Mostly with the whole one charity a week thing. When I last posted, I was on my way to the Caribbean and talked about donating to the Red Cross in reference to the earthquake in Haiti last year. Then, while I was on vacation, another earthquake hit in Japan. Followed by giant tsunami. And a problem with a nuclear power plant. Oh, those poor people! Can you imagine? And where the heck do you go to get away when you are on an island? So once again, the Red Cross it is, earmarked for Japan relief. Also, a while back, I had mentioned that I may have a chance to run the Boston Marathon for a charity event. Alas, I did not win out in that lottery. But one of my co-workers did. So I'm donating to her fund raising effort. Money goes to Spaulding Rehab for a patient fund. In other news, I've been doing the vegan thing for one week. A couple slip ups: I went out for mexican and my veggie burrito with salsa and guac only ended up with a little cheese in it. (I didn't send it back. I just ate it) Plus, I have a few protein bars left that have whey in them. I didn't throw them away, I ate a couple last week. But I'm one pound lighter than last week. So there's that. Finished book #1 yesterday. And taking the training up a notch. Yeah, I'm feeling like I'm back.

Friday, April 8, 2011

april goals

Since March threw me a curve ball, my goals were largely undone. Well, a couple got done. I did have a great vacation. I did read 4 books. And I did do (at least) 4 brick workouts. So there's that. And April , though we are already more than a week in, looks very promising. And spring is trying to creep its way in. There's that, too. April Goals: 1) Go Vegan for the month: I got a link sent to me about a 21 vegan kickstart challenge here. So I tried it. Thus far, its been going pretty well. The food is good, I'm using the crock pot again, and aside from a little excess gassiness (TMI?) no problem-o. We'll see where I am at the end of the month. 2) Read 4 more books: Last month, I completed Think Twice, Go Your Own Way, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, Networking for People who Hate Networking, and The Nanny Returns. I had a week's vacation. Lots of reading time. This month, I am into "Zero Regrets", a memoir by my celebrity boyfriend, Apolo Ohno. Lovin it! 3) Continue Tri Training with a vengence 4) Study for and pass Kinesiotaping exam! 5) Get my taxes all filed & shit. 6) Spring Cleaning with a major trip to the thrift store for donating! 7) Daily journaling 8) Girl's day out 9) Have a great family Easter with the kiddies 10) Hang with Nerd. (He got dropped from the forefront last month) And there you have it. I'll keep posting in all my sore-muscle, Apolo-obsessed, extra-gassy glory!

Monday, April 4, 2011

She's baaaack.

So I'm back. It's April 4th and I'm back. Not that I went away...I was still around, reading everyone else's blogs, occasionally posting a comment, and unsuccessfully trying to update the December quote on the side of my page. (Seriously Blogger! Why do you keep freezing up every time I try to change my page? WTF???) In real life, I've been doing a lot of thinking. A lot of soul searching. A little new apartment searching. But as of now, I'm staying put. Doing a lot of hand holding and lending my shoulder out to cry on. It's what friends do. When we can't do anything else. That was March. And now it's April. I decided on Friday, April 1st (when I was doing my "I'm stressed out and there's nothing I can do about it 3 1/2 hour workout") that I really need to turn the focus back to myself and start taking care again. There's only so many pints of ice cream three girls can share while watching chick flicks before it starts to take its toll, crazy long workouts or not. It goes without saying that March's goals pretty much went out the window. So now I'm making some new goals for April. ANd coming back to this place. To keep me on track. See y'all tomorrow