Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Goals

And then it was 2015! It seems really weird to say. Especially when I think back to 2000, when I said that I was "officially old." I wonder what that makes me now?

Motivated, that's what! At the start of 2015 I feel very, very motivated. Time to make a list of monthly goals. But first, let's look back at December.


1) Back on track for marathon training: I'm gonna call this a success. Even though my running continues to be sporadic. And Hal Higdon would be berating me, perhaps even beating me with a stick. I certainly won't be setting any time records. But I feel pretty confident in my ability to complete a 26.2 mile run in Feb. Maybe all the previous hiking has established a baseline level of fitness that will allow me to these things on a whim. Or maybe its just a change in mindset when I think "Oh, its only 18 miles. I can do that." Whatever. I'm slow. But I can go forever.

2) Get Xmas cards sent out before I move: check!

3) Complete FMA certification: Last minute and just under the wire, but I finished that bad boy!

4) Complete licensure renewals: done!

5) 30 days of Dailey Method Workout: fail. I underestimated the time constraints of moving. But I do like the workouts and I'll definitely be incorporating into fitness in the future.

6) Holiday Lights 5K with the family: success. What is better than watching a tree lighting ceremony and running 3 miles behind Santa Claus?

7) Downsize the storage unit: success. Little by little, I'm paring down. Soon, I'll   be able to adopt the title of minimalist. But not quite yet.

8) Hike in the mountains: Fail. Moved to NC, first weekend I spent exploring the town and finishing Xmas shopping, and then I flew home for Xmas. I had briefly considered camping on NYE, but by the time I got out of work, I'd have been driving and setting up camp in the dark. January, then.

9) Girl's Nite with S and J: success.

10) Begin the photo book: Big fat fail.

Not bad.


1) Do the Whole 30: Basically a 30 day challenge of no processed food. I'm jumping in.

2) Long Hike in the Mountains: 2014 is gone, but the mountains are still there.

3) Try out 5 new recipes: going hand in hand with #1. The official Whole 30 site tends to be a bit meat heavy for my tastes, but recipes are meant to be tinkered with, I say! I'll have to, anyway. I have limited kitchen facilities.

4) Increase that running consistency with 3-4 per week. I know, a ridiculous statement 6 weeks before a marathon. But I'm a ridiculous gal.

5) Plan a weekend with my hiker trash friends!

6) Read (and get rid of) 5 books: Moving toward minimalist!

7) Really get that photo book started: I rarely let the sheer magnitude of physical challenges stop me. And yet I did with a photo book.

8) Begin hard core planning for this year's distance hike

9) Journal daily

10) Blog more consistently!   

Crashing out of the gate, y'all!