Monday, December 30, 2019

The Big One!

There’s another thing that’s lead me back to the page. Not just a new year. Not just a new decade. (And incidentally, I’ve been seeing a whole bunch of “the 20’s are starting” memes that are making me want to dress like a flapper and drink like Zelda Fitzgerald!)

But there’s another reason I think I should start the new year roaring! I just had a birthday. I just turned 50. Five-oh. Oh, oh, oh. How the hell did that happen? But here’s the thing- I don’t feel 50. I feel like I’m just hitting my stride. And even though I’ve been a bit slack in the self care department over the past year or so, I’m thinking- this should be my best year yet!

I want to tackle year 50 like Jennifer Lopez!

Look for me in the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show, y’all! I’ll be the one driving a Jeep.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Back Again

Years ago, I started a blog. I had no expectations. I didn’t even really know what a blog was. I just used it as an outlet, a way to express some ideas and get my head on straight. I had been going through a rough patch and sort of lost myself for a while.

The blog turned out to be a wonderful way for me to find myself again. Suddenly, I had a voice again. I had thoughts and dreams and plans and opinions that found their way out on the blog.

And I found some friends along the way, people who turned up every day to read what I had written and whose words I would go and read on their little slice of the Internet.

And then I stopped. I ended up doing many other things that got in the way of blogging:  I thru hiked both the AT and the PCT. I started traveling and worked in North Carolina, Virginia, Arizona. I thru hiked the Arizona Trail. And then I moved back home.

In the midst of all that, my parents started having some health problems. I moved home to help them out a bit more. But somehow, as I spent more and more time helping out my parents, I lost myself again. I feel like for quite some time, I have only existed to help everyone else out.

But as we approach the New Year- the new decade! - I’m determined to find myself again. Back at the blog to write down thoughts, goals, dreams, opinions, plans, and new adventures.

It’s time once again to be JEEP GIRL!