Monday, April 14, 2008

April 13: Go out to eat day
April 14: Fall asleep at work day (I didn't, but I wish I could have)

Once upon a time, I believed that when it came to neices and nephews, I could just be the cool auntie. I could travel all over, bringing back exotic gifts, blast in wearing bohemian clothing, and basically get the kids all riled up before handing them back to their parents to take care of the hard stuff. 'Nary a word of disciline would ever fall from my lips; there would never be any rules when fun auntie was around.

Then I moved home and decided that I wanted to engage in cool auntie sleepovers.

Let me just say that unless I wanted to return the kids missing vital organs, impaled with sharp objects, or in anaphylactic shock, that whole "no rules no discipline" thing just wasn't going to cut it. In a mere 48 hours, we must have had at least 6 conversations about listening. And seriously, did we need to have a fist fight over who go the better sofa cushion? Apparently so.

My new hero is SuperNanny. She is a genius!

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