Monday, April 7, 2008

April 5: April Dance to the Music Day Changes up the monotony of things. It's a great cardiovascular workout and its great fun. Plus, you can do it with kids and videotape them for future bribes.
April 6: April Dress Inappropriately Day: this is actually a throwback to last weekend. You may want to try wearing flip flops and shorts in 40 degree weather. Or earmuffs to the beach. Or perhaps a see-through, low-cut, baby doll tank top to a toddler's birthday party. (no, it wasn't me. And yes, I'm sorry I was not there to witness it. I would have had the frame of mind to take pictures for future bribes)
April 7: April Clean Up Your Space Day: Things just got to cluttered at work. Eating lunch with one hand while organizing and wiping down a desk surface with the other is quite a talent!
It was pointed out to me today that there's a website that actually does all work for you and lets you know what OTHER people have decided the significance of the days are. However, today's selections are clearly at odds with mine (Let someone else clean day) and Wednesday's makes no sense to me (Astronauts Day). While astronaut is a mighty fine career and I'm sure that ALL the astronauts are probably much smarter than me, (with the exception of the psychologically imbalanced one who drove from Texas to Florida in an adult diaper to kill somebody. I just might be more intelligent, and definitely more stable than her) why does anyone who is NOT an astronaut care about astronaut's day?
Whereas "complain about the weather day", well, we can all participate in that one!
I'm going to go clean up my space, now.

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