Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4th...April Complain About the Weather Day. Rain rain rain. 5th Friday into Saturday in a row. I feel completely justified in my complaints. Mainly because everyone else was complaining to me today, too.

Otherwise, I finally finished the Dorothy Parker biography. How did it end? She died. Alone, broke, drunk, and bitter, but still funny as hell. Its a Greek tragedy in perfection. Now, in addition to her lovely quotes I see on bar walls, I am going to actually read a short story or two from this crazy, funny, ballsy lady.

Lo some tweaking today. I need a little flavor it my life, after all. But I have learned that peanut butter on celery is just as delicious and peanut butter on toast. Even though pnut butter is technically not allowed on lo carb. On the good side, the scale does seem to be edging down. I'm not convinced its because of lo carb, though. I think its just because I'm sticking to a plan and cutting out the junk. 15 days to beach vacation.

I talked to J today and laughingly said "I don't know who the hell I'm trying to impress. My best friends and their husbands?" But hey, maybe the man of my dreams will be in St Martin, strolling down the beach. I need to be prepared, damnit! Rock on!

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