Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2...I have officially decided that if April 1 is April Fool's Day, then April 2 is April no-nonsense day. No particular reason. Just that I was not taking any guff from those pesky, whiny patients of mine today. Too bad if you are in pain! It's time to shake it off and get crack-a-lackin'! (Just kidding)

As far as me and my April goals go: once I decide to try the lo-carb thing, I get free lunch at work for 2 seperate meetings (mandatory). One watching, one presenting. So I HAD to eat them. At least I have been good at home. But seriously, Dr. Agatston, ricotta cheese with splenda and vanilla extract? What the hell kind of atrocity is that? Clearly the entire purpose of the South Beach Diet is to make the entire idea of food so grotesque and perverse that nobody wants anything to do with it. Hey, as long as I look good in a bathing suit in 3 weeks.

Ok, back to my financial musings from last month...I was doing a lot of reading of the financial articles from both regular and mula-based magazines, tracking my spending (of which was supposed to be nearly none in March), organizing my 401k, checking, savings, and all that jazz, and I finally reached the conclusion that I am in ok shape. I don't need to live a life of bread and water, wear Wal-Mart clothing, and agonize over any purchase I want to make (though I sort of knew that already).

I read some article about people who wanted to retire at age 40 and (sort of) were able to do it, but at that time had NO money for college for their 3 kids. (fend for yourself, junior, it was much more important for Mommy and Daddy to get good tans in their 40's) Plus, they had basically survived off of Ramen noodles and second hand clothing for the past 20 years. I do not want to live that way!! As far as those two were concerned (they spoke of wondering what they were going to do with all their free time now) Here's a thought: why not get a part time JOB and put some money away for your kid's college fund? Or maybe invest in a nice new sweater or go on a vacation? Come on, there is much more to life that obsessing over money.

Being responsible and being obsessive are two completely different things. And while I fully support obsessions with say, exercise or world travel, obsessing over pennies is just a waste of time. Its April 2 and I'm telling it the way I see it, no nonsense!

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