Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I can't believe its April already! Lots to do, lots of plans, lots of commitments already in place for April. That's the way I like it, though. A rolling stone gathers no love handles and all that. And that saying about April showers...well, I expect flowers springing up at my feet come May, after driving home in with zero visability tonite.

After my lackluster performance in March, it's time to step things up a bit. Especially since I have beach vacation in 19 days!!

1) For thirty days...I will stick with an eating plan. I'm working out, I may as well start eating better, as well, since I lost a grand total of 3 pounds since January, and that's with running a marathon. As much as every fiber of my being cries out against it, I am going to try the lo carb thing. South Beach, though, not that Atkins nonsense. Not sure if I can keep it up...I read the phase one and it seems a little heavy on the tomatoes and eggs. I may start getting heart burn. But regardless, I need to take control of what I eat...for 30 days.
2) I will read "The Awakening". Again, no clue what its about. Soon to find out.
3) I will purchase....nice sheets. I have these old, cruddy sheets that are about 12 years old. They are getting rather threadbare. And when I visited Myron, he was bragging about his 12 million threadcount sheets. I will show him!
4)I'm going to go scuba diving. Not completely new, but something I haven't done in years.
5)I am going to have a girls nite... with my neices! A sleepover with a 6 and 9 year old. Fun.
6)Get my taxes filed.
7)I am going to use my gift cards. I saw on CNN.com that Best Buy is no longer accepting their own gift cards. So I figure I better use mine before I end up in the same boat as the poor saps with Best Buy cards.
8) Continue with March's goal of getting the finances completely in order, hopefully to finish this month.
9)Do the museum thing from March, too.
anything else? Oh, yeah, I gotta do an outing. Since I am going away, I will
10) talk to a cute stranger on the beach. (giving myself an out if I am surrounded by scary people)

April Rules!

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