Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15: Moving on Day

So today was my student's last day of her affil. In January when she started, 15 weeks seemed like forever, and now it seems like it flew. It worked out perfectly, though, as the planned vacation with friends starts next week, after she is gone and I don't have to scramble to get coverage for my student.

I discharged 4 patients today, too. It was about time they moved on, as well.

Everyone is laughing at work, saying that I have to go back to work, instead of just watching the student do it all. It'll be a nice change, though, as I had so much more work to do at home with student assessment forms and such.

Three more days of work until vaca. My apartment is a disaster. I need to clean it before I go. If I just weren't so tired.... Oh well. Gotta move on.

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