Thursday, June 18, 2009

aspirations and dreams

I haven't been great lately with the Weekly Writer's Workshop courtesy of MamaKat. I just haven't been inspired. No fault of MamaKat...I haven't been inspired about anything. I'm not sure if it's the cool weather or the ridiculously high pollen count or me just wishing I had summer vacations, but it's seemed a trial to haul myself out of bed, to work, to the gym, home and repeat.

This week, a prompt spoke to me. Namely, because the prompt reflects a thought that has been rolling around in my head for weeks now: WHAT DO YOU ASPIRE TO BE? I have been pondering that for a while.

It's hard, because I think right now I am SO close! I love my job. It's ALMOST my dream job. Just this week, I worked with a guy to help find ways for him to get out of the house more easily. For the time being, I think that's going to be reliant upon a power wheelchair. But once he's out and enjoying himself, we can start working on getting him more independent without the chair. The best part of the whole interaction was the look he got on his face. He was thinking about things he wasn't going to miss out on this summer. And he got that know the look that people have when they look at a sleeping baby or see their sweetheart after a long time apart? THAT look! And I felt so honored to have been part of the reason to produce that look.

But my job is like that pair of jeans that ALMOST fit, but not quite. I want more blending of my outside passions into my work life. I'm finding ways of doing that... working in adaptive sports clinics, volunteering at the MS bicycle fund raising event, learning more about adaptive hiking and camping. Dreaming of the idea of running adventure travel tours for this specific population.

But right now, I need to be here in this job, in this place, near my family and friends. And so I sit here in cold New England, clearing the clutter, doing my best at my job, training for races, learning as much as I can, and laying the groundwork. 'Cause sometime in the near future, it won't just be what I aspire to be, it'll be what I do.


Lacey said...

That's a great aspiration... and I'm glad that even though you may not be doing EXACTLY what you want to be doing, your job is pretty close. Like you said, it's all about the groundwork! :-)

Anonymous said...

How ironic that my friends and I were all talking last night about how we don't know what the heck we want to do! LOL