Saturday, June 13, 2009

first tri and dance recital

First sprint Tri of the season!! (and I could feel EVERY ounce of bar-b-que and beer from last week as I waddled from the water to my bike and from the bike to the run)

It's been so cold and rainy this spring that the water temperatures are about 10 degrees colder than usual. They debated cancelling the swim, but later decided on mandatory wet suits. I've never competed in a wet suit, as I feel like I'm not SWIMMING in a wet suit. I was certainly glad I had one today, though. I was 2 miles or so into the bike leg before I could feel my feet!

I'll look my time up tomorrow, when its posted on the web site. I FEEL like it was faster than last year, though, so that's something.

Now I'm off to see my 4 year old neice's dance recital.

Damn good day.

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