Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July Goals

As I sit here typing away, I am simply amazed that it is the last day of June. I think we had exactly 2.6 hours of beach weather in the entire month of June. I was the rainiest June I can remember. Including the June I spent on the Oregon coast! Not surprisingly, with the melancholy weather, I found inspiration to work toward my goals sorely lacking. Oh, and I had started the month so hopeful!!

June Goals:

1) Finish first sprint with a PR: I THINK that was a success. I mean, it feels like I was faster than last year. But the times are not posted online yet, so I have to wait and see. I know I was in heat 7 and there were 3 minutes between each heat, so it should have been an easy clock time - 19 minutes. But there was a hold up between heats 4 and 5. So I have no idea. But I DO have the official time from my May half marathon: 2:07:05! Yay.

2) Drop 2 pounds this month: Can you believe that for the second month in a row, I PUT ON 2 pounds???? And unlike last month, I can't conveniently blame it on muscle mass. I was very unmotivated in the exercise department but super motivated in the sit-on-the-couch-and-eat-ice-cream department. (and I have an olympic distance tri in two weeks. gulp!)

3) 5 books from the bookshelf: Ok, THAT one, I completed. I had to do SOMETHING while I was not exercising.

4) One mile swim in pond, 50 mile bike ride, and 15 mile run: Fail, fail, and fail. But I got great excuses. Wanna hear em? I swan about 1/3 mile in the pond. But with all the rain, the mosquitos are out in full force. In a layer right over the surface of the pond. I had so many bites on my arms and face, I just couldn't take it anymore. I rode 30 miles, but had to get my butt home to go babysit. It was so dreary, there was absolutely no way I could have dragged myself out of bed at an earlier time. And I ran 10 miles my longest run this month. Had to go home and eat ice cream.

5) St. Louis, blues, boats, and beer: done and done.

6) Continue decluttering: success.

7) Go to niece's dance recital and karate tournaments: Success. I makes living here worth putting up with this terrible weather.

8) Finish the cassette programs: Done. Now Carolina John can't make fun of me anymore!!

9) Complete Work Correspondence Course: half done. I'll be finished by this weekend.

10) Have a girl's movie nite with J and S: half credit. We had a movie night IN, but between all our trips and other plans, we never did the movie night OUT. Next month for sure.

Ok, now onto JULY!

Did anyone notice that on my header it still says "May"? I never changed it to June! Until it's July. Gotta fix that first off. Then:

1) Complete first Olympic distance tri without drowning.

2) Dare I put it down again? The weight thing. I have been good for a total of 2 days now. Because my goals for the week with the weight are to: drink more water, write down food intake, and cut out processed snacks at work. Weekly goals for this one. Sigh. (At least I'll be more buoyant for the swims)

3) 5 more books from the bookshelf. I'm on a "writing" theme this month. maybe it'll inspire me to be more consistent with the blog posts.

4) Complete an online class this month.

5) Go thru and complete some video classes I've had sitting on the TV stand. Hey, I'm out of cassette tapes. I need to feed the void with VHS tapes.

6) Continue Decluttering

7) Get Pilates Mat Certification

8) Go Roller blading, kayaking, biking, and boating

9) Enjoy a bonfire on the beach!

10) Girl's night out.

A few health goals, a few work goals, a few self improvement, and a few fun goals. Oh, July, please get sunny!

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Carolina John said...

fine, i won't make fun of using vhs tapes. although i should note that we don't own a vcr anymore either.