Monday, June 15, 2009

two weeks of purging

Well, last week I was in St. Louis for part of the week, and same for the week before. But I kept up with the decluttering goal, doubling up on days I was home and trying to keep the parade of junk marching right out of my life!

The first week, I focused on the bathroom.

June 1: I have two pairs of tweezers. One works quite nicely. The other, not so much. I don't think the tweezers are recyclable, so I threw em out.

June 2: Why do I own a hair scrunchie? And how did it make it through the first two purge sessions? I know. I figured I'd use it to pull my hair back when I wash my face. But I don't. I have a bandana I use for that. I put it in the donation bag, in case somebody who shops at the goodwill store needs to wash their face.

June 3: I have a collection of plastic bags under the sink that I figured I'd use to put my fluids into for my carry on. I really only need one or two. So I threw out the rest of em.

June 4: Took all the various trial sized stuff I had under the sink and packed em up for my trip!

June 5: I had come across some camp-y bracelets I have had for about a million years. Before leaving for the bus, I put the bracelets aside to give away to my neices. They'll probably like em.

June 6: Finished a book I had been reading and gave it away to Isabella.

June 7: ( I was really still away June 7, but for the sake of making everything neat and pretty, I'm gonna say June 7 even though this occured when I got back on June 10)
ANYWAY: I had a belt hanging on the back of the door in the bathroom and I put it in the donation bag.

Next Week, I moved into the Front Hallway:

June 8: I had a parking pass on the bookshelf in the front hallway. It's old and expired. So I put it in the recycling.

June 9: Had an old ugly keychain in the key basket. Threw that away!

June 10: Had some cute stickers that I had picked up somewhere. I put them in the pile to give away to my neices.

June 11: Had a bunch of business cards in a pile there....they went in the recycling.

June 12: The store gift cards on the bookshelf were moved to my wallet.

June 13: In the bookcase, I had a little pamphlet with an exercise program inside. I don't need it. So I threw it away!

June 14: took the pile of bottle return slips and turned in them in.

Next week....I'm going crazy and going to free style!

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