Monday, June 29, 2009

a cluttered post about decluttering

Lots of stuff to report today. Firstly, I am happy that I am not alone in my infrequent posting. It's my sincere hope that everyone is out in the sun, doing summery things that keep them from sitting in front of the computer. Here, I have had a tiny little smackering of sunshine before the rain rolled back in. So it's a tiny little bit of summery activity and a whole lotta crummy rainy uninspired bordering on depression that's kept me from posting. Send happy, sunny thoughts my way. I need them.

Next, anyone into running or wanna-be running should head over to the Chic Runner for a great little contest for $75 worth of running apparel. For those of you non-runners scratching your heads, thinking, "Don't you just need sneakers?" The answer would be: no. And the reason would be: chafing. A concept I was completely unfamiliar with until after age 30. Sigh.

Finally, there's the business of decluttering. It's strange that this in the only thing I'm truly consistent with. (possibly because I can skip it for 6 days and then get rid of 7 things in one fell swoop and still be consistent. That doesn't work with exercising or healthy eating)

This week, I found myself back in the dreaded storage closet.

June 22: I put 2 pair of outdated boots into the donation bag.

June 23: I put a pair of shoes into the donation bag with those boots.

June 24: Donation bag full, brought the whole thing down to the transfer station.

June 25: Pulled out a duffel bag to become the NEW donation bag!

June 26: Another plastic bag from the box: its kind of like a disposable backpack. With Mickey Mouse on it. I put it aside to give away to my niece. She was dancing in a recital over the weekend and thought it would make a cute little gift for her.

June 27: Finished the cassette program I was working on and put it in the book donation bag.

June 28: LAUNDRY DAY! T-shirt into the donation bag. (and gave my niece the backpack thing. She loved it and plans to use in for a sleepover this week)

Back to the kitchen next week!

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