Wednesday, June 24, 2009

neice wisdom

Exciting news from my 10 year old neice:

(from a phone conversation this week)

We went to the Hershey Park and I rode on my first real big roller coaster and I was scared and I'm Never gonna do that again, ever!

And then we went to the Chocolate Museum and they told us how many Hershey products are made every day. It's a lot.

Then, we went to Washington DC and we went to the zoo and it's one of the only places where you can see panda bears in person and I really like panda bears, so it was really lucky that they have them.

And tomorrow, we are going to the White House and my sister thinks we are going to be able to pat the dog.

And guess What Else? Today, I got a Chicken Nugget that was shaped like a Heart!

It was the coolest thing ever!


Diane said...

She sounds just like my 10-year-old niece. And I'm more convinced than ever that Ryan is 9 going on 36.

Carolina John said...

hahahaha, she sounds like a barrel of laughs. how much fun is that? great stuff, heather. enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

How cute! I could just picture her going on about all of it excitedly. It's sweet that she's appreciative of the pandas, I don't think most 10 yr olds would say that they felt lucky to have seen them.

Anonymous said...

There are some days when I truly strive to keep my thoughts that simple. Kinda miss being 10, though.

Lacey said...

See? Kids have their priorities straight. Seriously!