Monday, June 22, 2009

purging, free style

After months of purging in a clear, concise manner, I decided to break free and go a little crazy! So I decided to go one week of free style!! (that, and the fact that I'm still scared of that damn storage area)

June 15: I put the casette program I finished in the book donation bag.

June 16: I returned a sewing kit I had borrowed from J.

June 17: I put an old glasses case into the clothes/ housewares donation bag.

June 18: I put a pair of jeans that fit weird into the donation bag.

June 19: I was cleaning out my gym bag and I came across a plastic cosmetics bag thing that I kept shampoo and stuff in. It really is just disgusting. I threw that away.

June 20: Laundry day! 2 pair of socks into the donation bag.

June 21: I was supposed to bring the donation bags to the donation centers today. But father's day lunch ran ridiculously long. (It's ok. The kids were ridiculously cute.) So instead, I went through the magazine basket and put them in the gym bag to give to the gym.

And back to the organized plan next week: I can't avoid the storage area any more!

1 comment:

Diane said...

Man, if I donated everything that fit weird, I'd be neckid. And no one wants that! ;)