Monday, June 1, 2009

weird saved items

As I work through the apartment again and again, going through my crap-o-la and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, I continue to have strange revelations: "Why the heck did I possibly hang onto this in the first place?" I guess I had bizarre delusions that I would get crafty and make some piece of junk into a masterpiece. I'm embracing the idea that it's just not going to happen. Ahhh....

Back to the office this week:

May 25: After a lovely day of kayaking, I came home and looked at the bookshelf. On the side, I had some lanyards from conferences I had attended. Why the heck did I save these? I ended up giving them to my older nieces. I have learned that kids, for some reason, love these lanyard thingies and hand all kinds to stuff on them. (Maybe that's why I saved them in the first place)

May 26: Also on the bookcase, a 2009 calender that I got for free. I don't know if I thought I'd suddenly need a calender or something. But the year is almost half over. If I needed the calender, I would have used it by now. Happily, it's recyclable.

May 27: Bottom shelf of the bookshelf, I went through some papers. I had a bunch of papers from an old job -- you know, regulations, paperwork instructions, etc. I guess I was holding onto them in case I moved back out to California and got a job at the same place and they suddenly were unable to supply me with instructions for my job description. RECYCLE!

May 28: Lastly on the shelf, I had a program from the retirement party for my Dad, two years ago. This I will continue to hold onto, but it probably belongs in my in my little memory box thingy. So I moved it. And again, since moving things, rather than purging, seems like cheating, I pulled out an winning lottery ticket I had on the desk and turned it in!! Unfortunately, it was only a 2 dollar winner, so I will continue to go to work every day.

May 29: Laundry day!! One pair of socks into the donation bag.

May 30: In the desk drawer, I had a pin advertising some company. Again, I guess I thought I'd recover the pin with some witty saying and give it to somebody or something. I won't. I threw it away.

May 31: Finished another of the cassettes for that program I'm working through (and quiet, Carolina John! I already said I'm old. By the end of June, I won't have any more incriminating evidence in the form of cassettes!!) . I put it in the book donation bag.

Next week, to the bathroom again. I'm pretty confident I won't have as many strange saved items in the bathroom.


Lacey said...

I love these updates because they remind me to KEEP purging, and not just do it once every... oh... 2 years. :-)

Amazing Greis said...

Tag, you're it! Check out my most recent post for the rules!

If you don't play I will not be offended! LOL