Monday, July 20, 2009

cutting down on paperwork

After last week's strategy of attacking the most difficult thing first, I decided to continue in that vein this week. I was focusing on the office area, since that area has looked quite messy lately. And the messiest of it all? Papers.

July 13: Earlier in the year, I had made it a goal to consolidate all the old retirement plans from previous jobs that were just sitting there in old accounts. I finally got that taken care of, and yet I still have the monthly statements from who-knows-how-long in my files. Today, I went through and pulled out the old statements from closed accounts and shredded them. To put into the recycling bin.

July 14: Under the laptop, I had papers with passwords from various accounts written down. I got rid of all the old accounts and passwords and whittled it down to one index card.

July 15: Went through the pile of CD's on the side of the desk and got them all uploaded onto my iTunes account to put on my ipod. Put all those away in the CD case. Maybe at some point I need to go through the CD case and get rid of some unwanted CD's?

July 16: Like maybe today! I put 3 CD's away aside to send to Isabella. I think she'd like em.

July 17: I also put a book aside to send to Isabella.

July 18: While neatening the books on the bookshelf, I saw a few letters sticking out of my address book. I had written them, but neglected to send them (probably ran out of stamps or something) So I addressed and stamped them, as well as writing out 3 more cards for people. (getting through the card pile, as well)

July 19: Took a box from the supply in the storage area to pack up and send Isabella's stuff.

So....much less paper clutter, one less flute. What is the next big thing I've been avoiding?

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