Sunday, July 12, 2009

summer weekends

I love looking around my apartment on Sunday night, I seeing summer strewn all about.


1) Your shower has three bathing suits and a wetsuit hanging in it.

2) There are no clean towels in the house.

3) The front entryway has two pairs of sneakers, flip flops, tevas, and a dressy pair of shoes in a heap.

4) The car key has been pulled off the keychain for ease of carrying.

5) There is a lingering scent of sunscreen in the air.

6) There is a fine layer of beach sand on the floor.

7) There are two sweatshirts in the laundry basket: one smells like campfire smoke, the other is covered with sticky goo from the movie theater seats.

8) Your quads are on fire.

9) You have earned a new nickname over the weekend.

10) Your quads are on fire and you feel justified in eating as much ice cream as you want on Sunday night.



the gazelle said...

what's the new nickname ;)

Carolina John said...

that all sounds like fun. but are you going to tell us what the new nickname was? i do hope it's embarrasing.

Anonymous said...

I third the nickname question.

Heh, you could have done this as a photo essay for each item, including a picture of the ice cream at the end!