Thursday, July 23, 2009

funky versus giddy

Well, after my post about the deep blue funk, I read MamaKat's weekly writing prompts. And I figured that maybe I would just blog my way out of this funk. By answering the question: "What are you giddy about?" Mr. Funk, meet Little Miss Giddy Pants!


Mr. Funk: It's pouring rain again. And it's cold. The weather this summer sucks!
Miss Giddy: But look at how green everything is! And it's good sleeping weather. And you can't hear the rooster as much when his crowing is drowned out by the sound of rain!

THE WINNER: Deep Blue Funk



Funkadelic: Nerd is moving.
Giddy Girl: He's going to grad school! At an amazing university. You're happy for him and you know it. Besides, tomorrow night, you have a hot date...with a two year old! (We're going to do dinner and dancing)

THE WINNER: Little Miss Giddy Pie



Funkenstein: Hi-ho, hi-ho; it's off to work I go. Forever and ever with no forseeable end in sight. No matter how great or how uninspired I feel. There will always be a giant wait list of more and more patients to see, piling up with never a break. And don't forget the paperwork!

Giddy-Up: But you WERE inspired today! And you discharged two people earlier than you thought, because they got better faster. And you're going to a pilates certification class tomorrow. More opportunities. ANd you can always go back to traveling.




Funky Town: I've been slacking on my workouts. I seem to have lost that excitement about triathlons and marathons. Eating doritos seems just as good an option and running.

Giddy: Um, pilates certification? Three days of non-stop working out ahead. Plus...another person at work is doing the same olympic tri as me, and three other people have a team. The hospital is getting us cool max shirts and we are now officially the "TEAM". How fun is that?

THE WINNER: Little Miss Giddy !


Oh, look, I'm giddy after all!

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Anonymous said...

Funk is pretty hard to beat though, he's got so many angles! I hear you. He's been at my house with corn chips before, not a pretty sight.