Monday, July 6, 2009

Losing It

Last week found me back in the kitchen, starting all over from the beginning with the decluttering routine. Last week also found me trying to lose extra "clutter" of a different sort: the four pounds I put on over the last 2 months. Since the slow and steady approach seems to be working just swimmingly for the decluttering process, I figured the same approach may work for weight loss. So last week, I set out to: 1) drink more water 2) record my food intake and 3) cut out the processed snacks at work (like the snackwells and frozen yogurt in the afternoon).

I am happy to report that even after the July 4th weekend debauchery (6 beers this weekend, anyone?) I still managed to lose 1#. Not great. But in light of the festivities, not bad, either. (at least I'm going in the right direction)

In the kitchen, I noticed as the week ended, that there's one place I'm avoiding (much like the dreaded storage closet). Under the sink! Next time around, I'll definitely have to devote the entire kitchen week to UNDER THE SINK. But this post isn't about next time. It's about this time. ANd this time around, I got rid of:

June 29: Went through all the papers posted on the fridge and weeded out the outdated notices. Put all that in the recycling bin.

June 30: Gathered all the plastic spoons, forks, and knives in the utensel drawer for recycling.

July 1: Today I finished a book and put it in the book donation bag.

July 2: I had been using a plastic container that had once contained cottage cheese for a storage container. This is not the smartest thing I've ever done. They are not microwave safe and apparently they leach toxins or something. So rather than giving myself a nice, slow cancerous tumor, I put the container in the recycling bin.

July 3: Threw away an old, disgusting cleaning rag that really has served its purpose well.

July 4: Took the top off the Jeep! And remembered that my toolbox had cracked and fallen to pieces when I put the hard top on last fall. I made a mental note to get a new toolbox and forgot. But, in the kitchen I had a nifty little square container with lots of compartments. Perfect for repurposing!

July 5: Laundry day! Got rid of a T-shirt.

Next week, onto the bedroom. And...eating at least 5 fruits and veggies per day, rather than the convenient "fake nutrition" food I've come to rely on (like protein shakes and power bars).

Wish me luck!


Carolina John said...

you better get some whole foods into you. pump those veggies, the gardens and farmers markets are getting flush right now. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is inspiring. I need to lose some extra poundage too. When I found myself photoshopping out some lovehandles recently, I thought huh, I'd better get serious about this. Thanks for the inspiration!

I also love reading about your decluttering progress. You go girl!