Friday, July 31, 2009

July's Addictions

July seemed to fly by and drag at the same time.
Here's what kept me company in July:

July's Addictions:

1) Tomatoes! What's better in the summer than garden fresh tomatoes?

2) My water bottle. I did the whole switch from plastic to aluminum this month. I will admit that it keeps the water colder and I'm drinking more. But I do feel like there's a slightly metalic taste to the water. Like old school canteens from girl scouts.

3) Breakfast Smoothies: I've tried banana, strawberry, blueberry, mango, raspberry, and melon. I love em. My blender's been working hard this month.

4) My Giant UNCW sweatshirt! Remember being in camp when you were little and there was that sweatshirt you loved? The one that was about 6 sizes too big and super comfortable? The one you would sit around a bonfire and pull your knees and feet inside the sweatshirt? The one that always smelled like summer? I got one of those. It's been cool and rainy this summer. Good for sweatshirts.

5) Movie Nights! Again, the cool rainy weather. Good weather to hang out with your best buds and watch the entire Harry Potter collection in preparation for the new one.

As always, thanks to Brazen for the addictions idea.

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Anonymous said...

Tomatoes? I'm sorry, but straight tomatoes are not for me. Pasta sauce, catchup (ketchup?) are okay, but get that tomato away from my burger!

Did you go with the aluminum or stainless water bottle? I've been debating that one myself lately...