Monday, October 12, 2009

awesome decluttering

I'm winding down what, for me, was a four day weekend. I slept a lot over the past four days, averaging 8 to 8 1/2 hours of sleep per night. Which is good. Because I feel like I've been fighting something for the past week: headaches, slightly queasy, very tired. Not enough to feel sick, just enough to feel a little out of it. And I'm feeling better this evening.

The other thing on my list this weekend was winterizing: moving the furniture from summer configuration to winter configuration, putting away the tank tops and shorts while pulling out the sweaters, and cleaning out the storage area to put down a rubberized mat.

And, of course, decluttering:

Oct 6: It was a very wet summer here. And the storage area at the bottom of the stairs is unfinished; there is a cement floor. It's been cool and damp there, hence the rubberized mat idea. (It might make things a bit warmer in the winter, too) But as a result of the wet summer and cement floor, I had an unpleasant surprise while cleaning the storage area: two pair of leather shoes were MOLDY!! Gross. They went into the trash.

Oct 7: I also came across three cardboard boxes that were moldy. Trashed them, too.

(incidentally, those discoveries just about doubled the cleaning time as I was disinfecting up a storm, as well as sweeping, organizing, and cutting rubber mat to size)

Oct 8: Pulled out a sweatshirt I don't wear. Put that aside for my friend, S, as she was just commenting last week that she wanted a white hoodie. I'll give that to her tomorrow when I see her.

Oct 9: Finished a book: Losin' It by Valerie Bertinelli. Was a nice little trip down Van Halen lane for me. I put that aside to give to S when I give her the sweatshirt.

Oct 10: While going through the summer clothes, I pulled out 7 items and put them in the donation bag.

Oct 11: Then, while pulling out the winter clothes, pulled 7 items out and put those in the donation bag, as well.

Oct 12: Finally, I went through my work pants. I've been noticing that some of my pants have been bagging around the waist and hanging weird. So I tried on all the pants, pulled out all the weird fitting pairs, and put them aside. J and S get first dibs, anything they don't want are going in the donation bag.

And now...this weekend's AWESOME-NESS:

Oct 9: a nice, long, restful sleep!

Oct 10: A fantastic workout at the gym, followed by a crisp fall bike ride.

Oct 11: Renaissance Fair. Fun, and I think I'm past the point of going to Renaissance Fairs.

Oct 12: Saw my brother, sister in law, and 2 nieces for a visit. Had a great meal of turkey with all the fixin's .

Short work week coming up....awesome!

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