Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday's decluttering

It's Monday, and that means its time for decluttering update. This week, I found myself back in the kitchen, and I decided to attack the under-the-sink-area. That has been the disaster area that I have been avoiding. But you know what? Once I dove in and started decluttering it, I found that it wasn't as bad as I thought. It just needed to be neatened up. the bathroom, I think the kitchen is officially in maintenance mode.

Oct 13: Threw out a couple sponges that were looking like they've seen better days.

Oct 14: Went through the papers on the fridge and took out all the outdated stuff. Put them in the recycling bin.

Oct 15: Went through the food cabinets and consolidated everything. Took out some cardboard storage containers and put those in the recycling bin.

Oct 16: Took the clothing bag down to the donation center today.

Oct 17: Took the book bag down to the used book store and exchanged those for some store credit.

Oct 18: Put a pair of socks in a new clothing donation bag!

Oct 19: Went through the cleaning rags under the sink and pulled out some stained rags. I gave them to a friend who works at a vocational school to be used as shop rags.

Onward to the bedroom next week!

Today's Awesome: I'll tell you what. I didn't feel awesome today. I was exhausted. I was trying to eat more healthfully and failed after my cottage cheese that I packed turned out to have turned. (blech) I walked into the waiting area to get a patient and heard a woman say to her husband: "Doesn't she look tired?" Yeah. Thanks. I wanted to just come home and go to bed after work. But I dragged myself to the gym. And felt better. And made my favorite awesome squash and spinach salad with pomegranete seeds for dinner. It turned out to be quite an awesome day.

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