Monday, October 5, 2009

Well, this week, I had planned on going back through the bathroom in the decluttering marathon. But, nicely, the bathroom is actually pretty much the way I want it. The rest of the apartment, though, looks like a giant paper-and-book-bomb exploded. My projects are in various states of completion all over. If I'm really serious about decluttering, the bathroom was not where I needed to be this week.

Sept 29: the bathroom...there was an old swim cap from a race hanging on the doorknob. threw out!

Sept 30: went through all the paper scraps on the computer desk and organized. Everything I still needed went in the proper project folder, anything I didn't in the recycling

Oct 1: Went through the project folders today and organized those. ANything I didn't need also went in the recycling

Oct 2: I had a goodie bag from a golf tournament fund raiser that a patient of mine had. In the bag were lots of dog related items (the fund raiser was for seeing eye dogs) Since my Dad loves dogs (especially yellow labs) I gave him all the doggie stuff inside.

Ok, now that the apartment was looking a little less chaotic, I could head back to the bathroom. And yeah, I did find some things that could go

Oct 3: I have some zip lock bags under the sink I keep for traveling toiletries. But a couple were looking a little gross. I rinsed em out and put them in the recycling

Oct 4: Did you know that lip balm expires? Well, I have a tube that has an expired date on it. throw out

Oct 5: Oops, my vitamins expired, too. I put the vitamins in the compost. Can vitamins be composted?

Next weekend is a four day weekend for me....I'm attacking the storage area!!

Today's Awesome: It was a perfect fall day, weatherwise! Yeah, I was at work, but I still enjoyed it. And my windows are open tonight. And no more rooster to contend with! AWESOME.

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