Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Isn't it always the way? Once you make a vow to (not) do something, something else comes along that makes you do what you said you were no longer going to do. Understand?

Anyway...this all has to do with last week when I said I was shelving Tuesday's Bad Dates for a while. Wouldn't you know it? I had two chance encounters last week that, while not qualifying as DATES, totally fit the bill. And since Tuesday's Bad Encounters doesn't exactly have the same ring to it, I'm resuscitating the Bad Dates for the next two weeks.

Last Wednesday, I went to yoga after work. I like this yoga class. It's not a particularly HARD class; it's an extraordinarily relaxing class. And since I spend most of my gym time running and lifting and jumping and cycling, I think that one day of unwinding and stretching is important.

Anyway, this relaxing yoga class is generally filled with me and a bunch of people much less flexible and in significantly worse shape than me. It's me, a couple 90 year olds, a 400 pound person, and a person in a neck brace. Sadly, they are all better at yoga than me. Yeah, I'm more flexible, but they are much more centered.

But last Wednesday, there was a new person in class. Somebody under that age of 60. Somebody in shape. Somebody...cute! There was a cute guy in yoga class! Now I'm even less centered than usual.

It's been a LONG time since I felt that urge. You know the one -- the urge to sneak a look at the cute guy across the room. I looked in the mirror not at my reflection, but back to him during the balance poses. I peeked back during the spinal series. Then, when we were moving to cobra, I saw him looking over at me. We made eye contact and he looked away really quick. It was like study hall!

Then, as we transitioned into downward dog, I...I...I...farted. It wasn't overly loud. It wasn't really smelly. But it was -- squeaky. I blasted out a squeaker during downward dog! I stifled a giggle and made that "Oh crap" face that looks like you just bit into a lemon.

The really funny thing is that during triangle pose -- he farted! I'm not sure if it was a sympathy fart or if this class is just way more relaxing than I thought. I wasn't able to stifle it this time and snickered right through the warrior series.

When class was over, he was being a gentleman and holding the door for everyone as they exited. I smirked and him, he smirked at me, and we both went our separate ways.


Carolina John said...

oh that's hilarious. i fart doing yoga all the time, which is the main reason i don't do it at the gym. Too funny girl.

Anonymous said...

What a gentleman.

I think you have more dates on the four Tuesdays in a month than I've had in my entire life!