Monday, October 26, 2009

clutter vs. projects

As October draws to a close, I'm left thinking that the year is almost over. And my decluttering journey is heading that way, as well. Three weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that the bathroom is pretty much decluttered and merely needs maintenance. One week ago, I came to the same conclusion about the kitchen. This week, I discovered something similar, but slightly different about the bedroom.

Oct 20: I had an old stuff sack from camping by the side of the bed. The liner is pretty much trashed and leaves bits of all over the place any time I put something in or take something out. So I completely trashed it.

After that, I realized that I've already gone through the clothes, the bedside tables, under the bed, the three drawer dresser. The clutter is gone. What is left is ... projects. Things I still want to work on, but will take a bit of time to accomplish. Projects may be my big goal for next year.

On the other hand, I still have plenty of clutter in the office and living room area!

Oct 21: I have a pile of catalogs that I had put aside for Xmas gifts. I went online and ordered everything from those catalogs I needed and put the catalogs in the recycling.

Oct 22: Then I went through the magazines and pulled a few to give to the gym.

Oct 23: The pile of charitable donation requisitions sitting on the coffee table was the next thing to attack. I decide which I was donating to, wrote out a check, and put the rest in the recycling.

Oct 24: Then I went through the pile of financial info I had, filed what needed to be filed, shredded and recycled the rest.

Oct 25: Next were some packets of literature I had on some work related topics. I read through them and decided that I didn't need to keep them at home. I put them in my work bag to share with everyone at work.

Oct 26: Over the weekend, I finished another book. I thought a friend of mine from work would like it. So today I brought that to work, too, to give to a friend.

SO next week, I'll be back decluttering in the office. Clutter be gone, projects await!

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