Sunday, October 18, 2009

whole lotta awesome

Like my awesome counterparts, Lacey and Apartment 513, I have been lax in my posts. So I get to post a whole lotta awesome in one shot!

On Wednesday, October 14: I went back to the aforementioned yoga class. No cute guy this time, but lots of relaxation. Yoga always makes me feel awesome!

Thursday October 15: My mom's b-day as well as the last day of my work week. Had a pretty productive day, which is always good, called Mom to wish her happy happy, and watched a scary movie (the Uninvited) with J and K. It was mildly entertaining with a decent twist. I could see A twist coming from a mile away, but I didn't know what it would be. So it did keep me guessing. Scary movies in October are awesome.

Friday, October 16: I awoke to the pouring rain and wind blowing through all the smallest of cracks in the apartments. I had a super productive day of laundry, cleaning, errands, and winter-izing. I can honestly say it's one heck of a lot warmer and cozier in here than before. And that's awesome.

Saturday, October 17: My friend, Isabella, went to a wedding with the guy who I think she should marry immediately, if not sooner. We'll call him Hottie. (I'm not sure why I feel so personally invested in whether they hook up or not, but I do) Between Isabella, Hottie, J, and me, we had a giant texting fest. J's husband kept waking up and looking over "What the heck are you two laughing at?" At the end of the night, Isabella drove Hottie home and said "I'm glad J and Jeepgirl came to the wedding with us --in spirit." And Hottie said "Me too. There's nothing better than a night out with my 3 girls." On a night when I didn't even leave the house, I still managed to attend a wedding and hang out with friends. Awesome!

Sunday, October 18: Earlier in the year, I had decided to run a marathon in October. Then, I got overwhelmed and felt like my life was just one never ending to-do list. So I decided to just take it easy and do a marathon in February. What's awesome about that? Well, the marathon was scheduled for today. And it's SNOWING today. I'm so glad I'm not running in the wind and the snow and the cold today. Sometimes being lazy is awesome.


Diane said...

I can attest to the 'lazy is awesome' thing :) Keep us posted on the marathon training, though... I have a friend who's gently talking me into (considering) a triathlon... hmmmm... we'll see...

Carolina John said...

hey now. i resemble those remarks. i too have been slack in posting and just yesterday lamented about awesome. and i'm thinking about another full marathon in march. Glad you didn't have to 26.2 in the snow!