Monday, November 9, 2009

back to the stoarage area

It's funny...I had been dreading that storage area until I finally got down there and really CLEANED it. Now, decluttering there is easy, because I know where everything is. (or maybe it's the rubberized floor mat so my feet don't have to go on the cement) Whatever, the case, decluttering in the storage area was super easy this week:

November 3: Gave a sweatshirt that is too big for me to K

November 4: Fleece vest that I no longer wear in the donation bag

November 5: Fleece pullover that I no longer wear in the donation bag

November 6: Two-for today (since I was away on Sat)
Scarf to the donation bag (scarf with a story....stay tuned)
Hat to the donation bag.

November 8: Wallet that I no longer use in the Goodwill bag

November 9: Laundry day...two pair of socks that I just don't like in the donation bag.

That donation bag is filling up! Next up...the living room area.


Lacey said...

I'm so glad you're keeping up with this! I really need to clean out the cabinet under my bathroom sink... and it's time to fill up the donation bag again... Gosh, it would be so much easier if I just kept up with it like you do, haha.

The Singlutionary said...

I used to have donation bags going out the door all the time. Now I have a garage. I think there are several donation bags in there. Maybe I can get to that next year.

RunToTheFinish said...

yeahhh welcome to the HBBC! we'll have a good time!