Monday, November 30, 2009

decluttering is spreading

Oh miracles of de-cluttering project has spread! My mom, the world's greatest shopaholic and almost as great packrat, has found some inspiration in the decluttering. She has started her own decluttering project! And wonderfully, she has uncovered a number of Christmas presents that she bought last year (or maybe even earlier) and decided to wrap em up and give them this year.

"I don't have to do nearly the amount of shopping I thought I did" she told me.

Good for Mom!

As for me, I found myself back in the bathroom this week. Even though I said the bathroom is in maintenance phase, it's been looking a little...sloppy lately.

Nov 24: I have a decorative bowl in the bathroom that I had a bunch of corks in. Last year, I saw a message board made with old corks from wine bottles. I liked it and thought that I would make one. Well, I've been saving wine corks for about 15 months and I have -- four. (It takes between 30 and 40 to make the message board) I'm more of a beer girl. I will never make this corkboard. So I threw out the corks.

Nov 25: Same bowl, I had a few coupons for toiletries. They expire soon and I don't need to buy anything new for a while. Put those in the recycling.

Nov 26: I had a giant bottle of shampoo from Costco that came with a pump handle. When I finished the shampoo, I kept the pump handle for...something. Now it's being recycled.

Nov 27: I went through the things under the sink and pulled everything out of the packaging so it fit better. The packaging went in the recycling.

Nov 28: I have a bag with a bunch of beaded necklaces. Pulled out a couple I will never wear and put them in the donation bag.

Nov 29: Put a couple more magazines in the gym bag to give to the gym.

Nov 30: Dropped the donation bag in the drop box on the way to work today.

One more month left!


Don't get rid of your old cellphone. Keep a backup. Wish I had when my cell phone snapped in half this weekend. You know those free phone offers the cell phone companies have? They go right out the window if you are not at the end of your two year contract! Fortunately, I have a pack rat friend with about 4 old cell phones who was more than willing to give me an old one. Lesson learned.

Don't get rid of your MP3 player, either. If your ipod acts up, you may need something when jogging while your ipod gets serviced!

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shellyrm said...

Great project! I need lots of decluttering in my life!

I keep old cell phones because I keep (nearly) everything but my littlest loves to play with anything with buttons and a screen!

Have a super week!