Wednesday, November 11, 2009

still hung over

Here's a question....Is it possible to STILL be hung over 4 days later? What the hell did I do to myself last Saturday?

And what the heck do they put in wine to make it so much more deadly than beer?

Argh! I even had to skip the gym today and blow the whole "work out 30 times in 30 days" goal for fear of dropping dead in front of the cute yoga guy.

Oh, I'm going to bed.


Diane said...

I've had some pretty serious, wishing-for-death hangovers... but after 4 days? Maybe you caught a bug... sure it wasn't tequila (with the worm... worms are bug-like, right?) you were drinking?

Live More Now said...

Hebba! my sister in dorkiness. :) sounds like you really did a number on yourself - I'm with Diane ... sure you didn't catch something?

Best cure: lots of water, vitamin D, rest and hot tea. Cure's anything. :) Or so I tell myself.

Anonymous said...

A four day hangover? Damn, I'm impressed!

I hope your liver survived... ;)