Monday, November 23, 2009

Unorganized chaos

Thanksgiving is this week, but it seems like the holiday season started last week! Suddenly, the whirlwind of activity had begun. I went to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra on Thursday with a friend. Then, I did a little Xmas shopping Friday and saw Santa Claus at the mall. Saturday, after a long run, I went to the movies with my friend and her teen aged daughter to see New Moon. Sunday was a Turkey Trot, the Thanksgiving festival at the waterfront, and watching the Patriots game with Dad. Fortunately for me, I have spent the last year decluttering, so everything went smoothly and easily from one organized moment to the next....Not!

I was late finishing laundry on Saturday which meant I was a little late to start my run. I had just enough time to shower and quickly dress to get to the movie theater. Except that the steam from the shower set off the smoke detector. So I started waving a towel over my head to clear the air under the smoke detector. And the towel accidentally hit a wooden sign hanging over the bathroom door that says "Imagine". The imagine sign fell off the wall and hit a big spider plant I have between the bathroom and the front entry way. Then the spider plant flipped off its stand and spilled water and potting soil all over the floor. The pot landed on my shoe basket and knocked a few shoes out. The shoes bounced down the stairs and right into my recycling pile, knocking aluminum cans down the rest of the staircase.

I couldn't have orchestrated that chain of events if I had planned it for months in advance.

Apparently, I still have too much stuff in my apartment.

So this week, I got rid of:

Nov 17: I went through the papers on the fridge and put all the expired papers in the recycling.

Nov 18: I went through the medicine drawer in the kitchen and got rid of an expired inhaler.

Nov 19: I put I book I finished into the book donation bag.

Nov 20: Changed the sheets today. I have some scented linen spray I spritz the mattress with when I change the sheets. It Very alcohol-y. Not very scent-y. So it got tossed.

Nov 21: Returned a library book.

Nov 22: I had a pair of sunglasses that got cracked. I figured, "I can fix this." So I did. With a dab of glue. But then the lens popped out. And I thought: "I can fix this." SO I did. And then the earpiece fell off. And I thought: "I could take an eyeglass kit and fix the hinge." But today, I just threw them away. Because, really, I can just buy another pair.

Nov 23: Finished another book and put it aside to give to a friend. an I accident proof my life?


Carolina John said...

oh that's too funny! I love seeing things domino like that. it's always humorous no matter how much clean up time there is.

RunToTheFinish said...

love all teh fun things!! I am such an organization freak, this whole moving thing has had me thrown off for a bit