Monday, November 2, 2009

decluttering the office

Today started out as a beautiful fall day and eventually gave over to rain. It was weirdly nice to watch the weather turn outside the window. The light changes were fascinating. I guess you're wondering how I could have been working while I was paying so much attention to what was going on outside....I'll tell ya, I'm an amazing multi-tasker!

And I'm also an amazing de-clutterer!

Last week, I was back in the office area.

October 27: In the desk drawer, I found a pen-again. It's a uniquely shaped pen that you hold differently. It was designed to be more comfortable, I guess. People with Parkinson's disease, for some reason, tend to have an easier time writing with a pen-again than a regular pen. So I took the pen into work and donated it to the Parkinson's group.

October 28: I had a stack of business cards in the desk of people I clearly needed to contact someday. Of course, I have no idea who any of the people on the business cards are anymore. So the cards went into the recycling.

October 29: I went through the three drawers in the file cabinet.
October 30: Any paperwork I no longer needed went into recycling or a shredding pile.
October 31: I also compiled a project pile. Go figure.

November 1: Hanging on the bookshelf was a name badge holder that I have had since I was a student on internship. A head injured patient made it for me. I have been carrying that thing around with me ever since. I could never throw it away, because somebody made it for me. The thing is, it's really trashed. It's completely falling apart. So I took a picture of it, to preserve the memory, and threw the actual name badge holder away. I'll make a scrapbook page of the picture or something. (great. Another project)

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Lace said...

That was a good idea to take a picture and then toss it! I have some stuff I just can't let go of either... def. gonna remember that!