Sunday, November 8, 2009

what I learned this weekend

Once again, I am getting my inspiration from Brazen with:

Things I learned this weekend:

1) Starting to drink at 10:00 am with the plan of keeping the buzz going all day is just a bad idea.

2) I'm just too old for that.

3) I couldn't even do that when I was 22.

4) It's entirely possible to say somebody's name too much. Isabella and I rode the train from NYC back to her apartment after the aforementioned day of debauchery in the city. Between New York and East Orange, the woman in front of us on the train said "George" approximately 1100 times. ("George, listen to me, George. George, I am not saying that you don't work. But, George, your job just isn't as taxing as most other people's, George. Tell me, George, have you ever had to get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floor, George? ....Well, of course, George, I know that most computer programmers don't scrub the floor, George, but, George, I am just trying to probe a point. Ok, George?"

5) And speaking of names, some names are just wrong for parents to pin on their children. One of my friends was relaying the story of his grandfather, Heiman. Spelled almost like the much sought after football trophy, but pronounced like the sacred membrane. What were his parents thinking?

6) I know murder is a sin and there is no justification for taking another person's life, but in some instances, it's completely understandable. (See #4 and #5) I'm just saying that I would voluntarily testify on George or Heiman's behalf.

7) When it comes to buying Xmas presents, quirky is fun! (Maybe not for the recipient, but certainly for the buyer!)

8) Connecticut gets longer every time I drive through it.

9) Don't bank your plans on the weather forecast.

10) Lucky Charms are STILL magically delicious!


Carolina John said...

I have an uncle named Land.

Yes, Land Conway Garrett is his real name. Everyone called him LC thank God.

btw, I finished the half ironman saturday. it was nuts!

Anonymous said...

ROTFL - yeah, maintaining that "I'll just be a little buzzed all day" stage is just about impossible.

Heh - I always find it funny when Easterners talk about driving through states. If those of us out west are planning to drive to another state, we start packing overnight bags!

Diane said...

I knew a guy when I was a kid whose name was Wayne Dwop. We used to sing, "Wayne Dwops keep fallin' on my head." Yeah. He totally should've murdered his parents in their sleep.

Lacey said...

This whole post made me giggle. I don't know who I feel worse for... George or Heiman. Hm. :-)

Live More Now said...

Love this post.

You are hilarious!

Happy Friday to you!