Sunday, November 1, 2009

November's Goals

Ahhh, November. (what a strange thing to say)

October, with its brief hiatus from goals, was, in a word, perfect. I really needed a month to NOT be fixated on a million things to accomplish. Thanks to Apartment 513 and the "30 days of awesome" idea to make me realize that. I know I didn't POST 30 awesome things in October, you'll just have to take my word for it that I did 30 awesome things.

And it's funny. By the end of October, I started to miss my goals. I feel ready to tackle a whole new set, head on. (I read somewhere once that only 5% of the population regularly sets and reviews goals for themselves. How do they get through life? I'd be hopelessly lost. Don't even get me started on LISTS!)

So, with new found fervor, I have compiled the list of November's Goals:

1) Workout 30 times in 30 days: adding in the increasing mileage for February's marathon and overall strengthening for next year's tri season, it'll be a good month

2) Up the water intake: throughout the end of September and October, I've felt -- worn out. Tired. Hungry. And cold. All the time. And though the hypochondriac in me has been yelling "Hypothyroidism", the more calm, cool, collected part of me said "Well, let's look at what's been going on in your life." And the big, glaring, flashing sign was that my diet coke addiction was getting out of control while my water intake was slacking. Could all these symptoms be from simple dehydration? One week of increased water consumption says yes. I need to keep it up through November.

3) Go down to New York to celebrate Isabella's birthday!

4) Make a kick-ass side dish for Thanksgiving that will blow the family away. (even though I am clueless in the kitchen)

5) I gained 2 pounds in October with the Halloween candy consumption (and the Halloween party alcohol consumption) For an excellent and completely non-crazy reason, I got 61/2 weeks to lose 10#. Starting......NOW!

6) Buy new running shoes

7) Turn in my stuff for the advanced position application I am going for at work.

8) Read 3 books from the bookshelf...and don't buy any more this month! (oh, so hard)

9) Get all the reservations for my December trip finalized.

10) Oh, yeah, that decluttering thing. Jeez! Seems like I've been doing that for a year!

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Jim Purdy said...

Goals 2, 5, 8, and 10 on your list are very similar to what is/should be on my list ... drink more water, lose weight, stop buying books faster than I read them, and de-clutter.

Unfortunately, those same goals are on my list every year. :(

But maybe I could consolidate #s 8 and 10, if I don't have to count stacks of unread books as clutter.